Bill Collins should sue the weather gods

FlashResults mogul Roger Jennings reports that Bill Collins, winner of the M50 200 meter on a rainy day in Carolina, “heard 22.3″ as a hand-time result of his snakebit final. But Jennings writes: “I’m (nor he) was too sure where it came from, so no, haven’t heard of any (other) times. Did hear a rumor someone had it on tape but nothing else.” If 22.3 was a solid hand-time, then a plausible auto time would have been around 22.5 — or a world M50 record if wind was OK.

That was the only blot on the record for FlashResults in Puerto Rico. I learned other details in a note from Roger, who graciously (and promptly) responded to some other questions regarding the timing at Carolina.
Herewith a mini Q&A:
Me: Did any other equipment fail during the meet?
Roger: Nope that was it. In fact it was the first race we’ve (FlashResults) missed in over 6 years — bad luck.
Are all events accounted for except the M50 200 final?
I’m pretty sure so — I may have forgotton to upload one, but I’ve double checked and it should be complete.
Will FlashResults provide timing and results services at Eugene masters
nationals next month? Will you work at future WMA meets?

Yes, we’ll be at Eugene. We also provided the results/timing for the 2000
Future WMA, who knows? Though the WMA themselves are interested, I’m pretty sure the decision is still up to the LOC.
How many FlashResults people worked the Carolina meet?
Two Crews, seven (staffers) all together: At Roberto Clemente: Roger Jennings, Tom Jennings, Don Chadez (Flash Results West). At Sixto Escobar: Rich Nagy, Dave Wyotek, Gene Smith, Judy Smith. We also had great help from the LOC. I was VERY impressed with the LOC.
Was the WMA meet in Puerto Rico the biggest event you’ve handled?
Hmm, probably not, (but) it was the longest event we’ve done (10 days comp over a 12-day period of time). But in sheer size the Penn Relays is huge, I think around 12,000 competitors, all of that crammed into 3 days of competition.
What was a typical day like in Carolina? When did you get up in morning? When did you pack it up for the night? When did you get breaks?
It was tough, normally up before 5 a.m., head to the stadium (Clemente 25-min drive from hotel), time morning session (usually from 7-8am to 11am) then we’d have a break from timing but still hung around the timing/data area to process field events. The afternoon session would kick off around 4 p.m. and usually end up around 8 p.m. They were LONG days! The Sixto Escobar team had a better set up, the hotel was probably a 3-min walk to the stadium.
How many days were affected by strong winds or rain?
I think every day had strong winds in the 3-6 meters/sec range, the wind readings vary wildly in the sprints because it was almost a straight crosswind. Rain, seemed like every day, but normally only a passing shower, only twice did we have thunder/lightning storms, the worst was the last day!
Back to Bill Collins and his missing 200 time:
If anyone can produce a tape of the race, please, PLEASE get in touch with Roger at or me at or someone in USATF Masters. The time wouldn’t be official, but the mystery — and the injustice of the omission — would be lessened.

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July 18, 2003