Another track and field blog — at last

Out in Ohio, a “mild-mannered math teacher at Start High School in Toledo” calls himself Superfan and started a track and field Web log. Yippeee! I’m not alone! The blogger is Jesse Squire, and he and I share mile PRs of 4:56. Yippee! Another mediocre track guy! But he did run a 3:09 marathon in 2002. Beats my PR by more than two hours.

Jesse is busy with lots of stuff outside his teaching gig, including writing for — the collegiate track site. He also is starting an ambitious book project — determining the top 10 perfomances all-time in track. It’s a ranking, not a simple stat list.
Jesse’s writing ability shines through in his recent piece on weekly track meets at Ohio Northern University, called Friday Night Spikes.”
His track blog is bare-bones. (I doubt he’s even using blog software.) But at least he makes an effort to update the page with current musings. Among recent targets: Millrose Games coverage Track & Field News and USATF.
A blogger after my own heart.
I wish Jesse all the best.
Feb. 10 update:
Got this note today from Jesse:

“You must have found my blog from a very old post. I haven’t posted there since gettting into it with GH, (Track & Field News editor Garry Hill) although I still read it. Thanks for the support.”

Oh well. Back to being the lonely only.

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February 7, 2005