Anselm LeBourne sets another 800 world record

If Anselm LeBourne were a stock, I’d buy 10,000 shares. He sets middle-distance records like clockwork. Anselm, a NYSE analyst, reports (and another correspondent confirms) that he bettered the listed M45 world record in the 800 Sunday at a masters meet in New York City, clocking 1:55.13 at age 46 to beat the longstanding 1:56.16 by Dutchman Ronaldo Mercelina in 1991. LeBourne, who is savvy to media needs, sent his own press release.

Anselm sayeth:
“Anselm LeBourne 46, of Maplewood, N.J., set another pending world masters
45-49 age-group record Sunday at the Metropolitan Athletic Congress
Championship, held at the new Icahn Stadium in New York City.
“LeBourne ran the 800 meters in 1 minute, 55. 13 seconds to better the
previous world record of 1:56.16 by Ronaldo Mercelina of the Nederlands in
1991. LeBourne’s performance also breaks the American record of 1:56.27
set in May of 1990 by Don Parker, and gave him the overall win in a race
that included 19- and 20-year-olds.
“During the indoor season, LeBourne ran the 800 meters in 1 minute, 56. 29
seconds to better the previous world record of 1:57.32 by Peter Browne of
Great Britain in 1990. LeBourne’s performance also breaks the American
record of 1:57.81 set in March of 1990 by Ken Sparks and also set a 45-49
age group world indoor record of 4:02.62 for 1500 meters.”
What Anselm didn’t sayeth was shared by correspondent Frank Schiro:
“In the height of the heat wave … two men broke the M 45 – 49 800 meter record today….Anselm LaBourne…1.55.11 to Sal Allah’s 1.55.13 FAT LeBourne runs “unattached” and Sal runs for Sprint Force America.”
LeBourne and Schiro differ on the time, so we’ll have to wait for official word from the MAC , which normally posts results from its meet — and hope it’s filing the proper paperwork to USATF for record consideration by WMA.
Later in the day, in answer to some questions, Anselm wrote:
“It was a very good race for both Sal And I on a very hot day. I also had a
rabbit who took me to 600m meters. I really did not know that Sal was
going to run but it always good when we run against each other. The pace
was about 55-56 seconds. Sal and the rabbit was in front of me at the 400
mark. I past the 400 in about 56 secs. At about 500 meters I passed Sal
and started a long drive to the finish. Passed 600 meters in about 1min
25secs as the rabbit dropped out of the race doing a perfect job of setting
up the race. At that point I was in front. As I passed the 600 meters I
felt really relaxed and comfortable knowing that Sal would make a run at me
at some point. Again, from what I was told he was closing the gap on me
really fast but I never heard him coming or saw him until the last meter
when he leaned at the tape from the inside with me just getting the victory
just holding off Sal with an outstanding time of 1:55:13 to Sal’s 1:55:18,
establishing a new 800 World and American record. Have a few more upcoming meets with the main emphasis on the World Championships in San Sebastian, Spain.”

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June 27, 2005

16 Responses

  1. Sal Allah - June 27, 2005

    To my teammate, Frank,
    I appreciate the mention of me in the same race with Anselm. I don’t see how both masters runners who’s been around for so long wouldn’t.
    But with Anselm being so hot at the moment, I guess someone like me would get lost in the crowd :).
    Thanks again, Frank. You’ve always been a motivator for me.
    Sal Allah
    Sal Allah

  2. Richard Rizzo - June 27, 2005

    The finish of that race was the closest I have ever seen in my entire track tenure!! From where we were sitting we thought you won. It was a great effort on your part and in my mind I know you will break that record this year if not in the next few weeks!! Next time the postings go up you will be the one writing the articles to the Track Ceo with your name on top!! Great race yesterday Sal
    W.R. 1:54.7 Sal Allah 45-49 You can take that time to the bank bro!! Richie Rizzo

  3. tony young - June 27, 2005

    Both Anselm and Sal have done a fantastic job of motivating us younger Masters and inspiring us to continue at it! Great consistent running over the years!!
    A BIG fan!

  4. kevin morning - June 27, 2005

    Anselm and Sal,
    You are both incredible athletes and your performances over the years have always inspired this sprinter on the West coast. Congratulations to both of you. I wish I could have been there to witness such a great race!

  5. Peter Hegelbach - June 28, 2005

    Sal and Anselm: I remember watching you two battle it out at Masters Championships when I was a sub-master. You were an inpiration then. Now you show that consistent (and sensible) training can break the “barriers” that many of us set.

  6. francisaschiro - June 28, 2005

    To my teammate Sal Allah….I have waited a few days to respond to your kind note because i did not want to get TOO emotional…Sal to me you represent ALL the best things about the sport of Track and Field…and honestly ANY sport. You have always been known for two things humility and great courage….i have been witness to this over many years. When WE started SPRINT FORCE AMERICA our ONLY goal was to develop a club that actually “helped” the athletes in its membership. We did our best..made mistakes of course…but always had an attitude of helping another athlete. You have ALWAYS helped me by example not so much in words. Humility is something one has to experience to understand…Courage is something one can actually “see” in practice. You have had great great hardships in the past few year…I cannot tell you how much “we” (Eddie and I) have missed you on the track….you have made a 97 degree heat and incredible NYC 4 in the afternoon….against Anselm and his 3 “rabbits/pace setters” you ran alone…you broke the World 800 record but lost in a “photo finish”…..Sid Howard put it best of all of us i think when He said “Lynn is happy today Sal…shes really happy”… Hey Sal… Sid was right… Lynn IS happy!!!!!!!…you bring honor to your family…you bring honor to your team…and you bring honor to Sport itself…God bless you always..NOW….you have a bit of work to do my friend..lets GET TO IT… Francis A Schiro

  7. Kevin McKenna - June 28, 2005

    A great race for sure and supreme effort by both men.
    Sal, there is no crowd big enough for you to get lost in. You’re a great inspiration.
    -Kevin McKenna

  8. Kettrell Berry - June 28, 2005

    Hey Sal great job. You are the man. You introduced me to sub-masters in 1994 in Eugene with kindness and respect. I have always and will continue to cherish that.
    I only know of your competitive prowness, but it’s an honor to read about such great athletic achievements from a man that is so highly respected. I remember watching the two of you in 1997 at Nationals in San Jose. That 800 was a classic. Keep up the awesome work.
    Kettrell L. Berry

  9. Mark Cleary - June 29, 2005

    It must have been amazing to watch–did anyone tape the race?–sounds like one for the ages.Anselm and Sal are not just fantastic athletes but exhibit the best in sportsmenship–I have to say that they are two of the classiest individuals in our sport. It is a privelidge to know you both. I hope you will both be in Spain to continue your fine season’s. All the best to both of you. Anselm your ready for Colm Rothery the Irishmen, I hope you will be in Spain to take him on–Highest Regards–Mark Cleary

  10. Edward M.Gonera - June 29, 2005

    Congratulations to Anselm and Sal for a great race. I have been fortunate to see many of their battles since 1995. The competition has helped bring them to the level at which they compete.

  11. Sal Allah - June 29, 2005

    To you all,
    I appreciate all the personal accolades paid to me in my attempt to break the 800 WR. Anselm and I will continue our battles I’m sure for years to come.
    As my teammate Frank said,”I still got some work to do”. I’ll have a few more attempts at the 800 record, which I feel I can get (only my 2nd 800 of the year), then it’s to the 400, which I’ve raced only once this year.
    It’s special when at age 45 you find a simpler workout formula that works for you. Injuries for me are always a factor these days, so its crucial for me to do less work. In the coming weeks I will be in record-breaking mode in the 400 & 800.
    Thanks everyone again for your kind words. I’ll carry them with me to the track.

  12. Rich Rizzo - June 29, 2005

    Sal and Anselm both deserve all the accolades due. For all the great races they have exhibited in the years it is a good thing for sport of athletics! As I mentioned in a prior comment on this race this one was a classic battle between two extrodinary athletes. I was also fortunate to see that race! I also was at Penn Relays in 2001 when Sal, along with Ed Gonera, Ray Blackwell& Kevin Morning Set a World Record in the 4×400 3:20.83!! 40 -49 averaging 50.2 a man and the big guy we all know who he is was 48 years old at the time !!! Great job guys. You do the sport of of athletics justice beyond recognition!!

  13. Edward M. Gonera - July 2, 2005

    Lets change that time —–FLASH—— Sal Allah has just lowered the WR to 1:54.18. Congrats to Mr.Allah—– as a friend and co-founder of Sprint Force America this is much more then a fantastic accomplishment in MY opinion. Sal has led by example, not talk, jive or fanfare——-hard work,dedication,humility, respect—–what can you say.

  14. Tony Plaster - July 3, 2005

    You can say that Sal is the best of us. I was there , he went through in 54 , I had hand time 1:53.95 another watch was 1:53.88 FAT was 1:54.18

  15. Tony Plaster - July 3, 2005

    You can say that Sal is the best of us. I was there , he went through in 54 , I had hand time 1:53.95 another watch was 1:53.88 FAT was 1:54.18

  16. Kenneth Holmes - July 9, 2005

    I have not been following the age group races, but the name Anselm Lebourne sounds familiar. If it is the same Anselm that attended Boys High School in Brooklyn,N.Y., we competed against one another when I attended Dewitt Clinton. Great strong runner then and now!

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