Another Payton Jordan sprint record bites the dust

Our German friends Robert and Annette Koop report that Horst Schrader has taken down another legendary record by American Payton Jordan — the M70 200. Schrader clocked 26.88 into a 0.7 meters per second headwind at the north German masters meet to beat Jordan’s listed WMA world age-group record, a hand-timed (and thereby intrinsically inferior) 26.8. A month ago, Jordan lost his M70 world record for 100.

Here’s a rough English translation of the Koops’ post:
Supplement of the north Germans from Celle: Refuge Schrader has the M70-Weltrekord! The thing is not completely easily, thus something complicated, but clear. Refuge Schrader (* 1935, TuS Celle) is new M70-Weltrekordler over 200m! For 18 years the large of US uS-Masters Payton Jordan kept the 200m-Weltrekord in this age group unquestioned – with a time of 26.8 seconds, which by was stopped.
With the north Germans senior championships on the last weekend then refuge Schrader in the petrol harming stadium in Celle sprintete with measured 0,7m head wind electronically stopped 26.88 seconds – new world record. The confirmed in the meantime DLV Chefstatistiker Joerg straining Meier (Oldenburg) opposite masters “with its 26.88 refuge is Schrader (geb. 31. 01. 1935) exclusive owner of the world record over 200 m of the class M 70.
With the bonus of 24/100 seconds in relation to an electronically stopped time it the time of Payton Jordan (26,8) clearly improved. An example: If refuge Schrader a time would have run from 26,95 to 27.04, it would have stopped the record time of 26,8. An electronic time of 26,85 to 26.94 is to be equated however with a “hand time” of 26,7. The 26.88 falls into this range.
The time of 26,88 actually rather 26.6 is by the way to be equated by the actual value. One specified the bonuses many years ago internationally. “hand times” are reaction-dependent times of the zeitnehmer. The differences at the electronic time result from the response time of the zeitnehmers, who can react only to the visible smoke of the starting pistol and then on the stop watch presses. Them are even rather 30 to 35/100 seconds long.
Wise many match minutes from matches, with which electronics was in use, for safety’s sake however by hand one along-stopped. Understood?” Meanwhile the Celler press celebrates rightfully the new Weltrekordler, whose speed has naturally system. During its training runs by the forest in the small residence my optimizes refuge Schrader its step length. It took out, says five centimeters more per movement so the former administration secretary.
Apart from running refuge Schrader makes force training aimed and works with weights. The passionate visitor of classical piano concerts completes knee bends with 75 kilograms just like bank pressures – “everything in decimal corroding.” A good basic constitution it besides infections would have protected, although even meanwhile times a Zipperlein gets it: “Naja, the back does already times pain and then must I also to the physician.”
Who wants to really understand the designation “senior championship”, so the “Celler newspaper”, must listen to Schrader already exactly, because its achievements obtained another impression. About, if it of the fact tell that it smoked correct never. “for its friends he would have only had to buy cigarettes at that time, because these did not dare – were at that time, that 1948, as tobacco goods after the currency reform of realm Marks on German Marks over reference marks be temporarily acquired could.”
The 70-Jaehrigen will participate up – like all senior light athletes at own expense – in August in the senior world championship in the Spanish San Sebastian and thus a large goal will carry out. If it remains healthy, it is the favorite there. It remains in any case to the national championships: “there are also still the M 80-class.”
(source: own searches and Celler newspaper, 01.07.05)

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July 7, 2005

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  1. Rich Rizzo - July 7, 2005

    KEN, Look hard as you want you wont find any dust on Horst or Payton’s spikes!!!Moving as fast as they are going! 26.8 at 70 years of age is a feat that only comes. Shall I say “ONCE IN A LIFETIME ” However watch out for the man from Texas Bobby Whilden at the World Championships !
    It will be exciting !!

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