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Stories of geezers beating the kidlets are common

The letters to the editor section in the current issue of GeezerJock magazine includes the tale of a 52-year-old Ohio man who teamed with a younger player to win the under-25 division of a racquetball tournament. The champ, Mike Hartnett, wrote: “When the tournament director announced my name as winning the gold first place medal, […]

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Weight coaches invite masters to convention featuring Big Dogs

Rob Lasorsa passes along information on a mid-November conference of the National Throws Coaches Association and writes, “The NTCA Clinic is open to coaches, athletes and officials of all levels…. Many in the masters community will enjoy themselves at the conference.” Masters spearchucker Tom Petranoff will give a clinic. Among lots of other things, the […]

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Mea culpa from McMahon meet is late but appreciated

Almost three months ago — on July 9 — my wife and I competed in the hybrid meet known as the 2005 Chuck McMahon Memorial, an event co-sponsored by the San Diego Senior Olympics that also served as the USATF San Diego-Imperial Association masters championships. But the award-presenters (mostly volunteer kids at Patrick Henry High […]

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Finally, a chance for geezers to show the pups what’s up

Online gaming has captured the attention of millions worldwide. But until this year, loyal trackos have been left out of this real-time, multi-player experience. Then what do I discover? An online track and field game featuring 10 standard events, including sprints, hurdles, jumps and throws. It’s free. You just register at, and try out […]

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A chat with Lesley Richardson, San Seb master photographer

Posted September 26, 2005 By Ken Stone Tell me about yourself. What’s your photography background? What’s your athletic background? (Age, hometown, events, marks, etc.) Is photography a career or hobby for you? Lesley Richardson: I am 36 years old, born and live in East London — yes where the Olympics in 2012 are going […]

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Conklin and Sparks share vault memories in online interviews

Listen to this. Literally., a tech-savvy site, is going out and audio taping accomplished vaulters of all ages. This months, they’ve posted podcast clips of M70 Deke Conklin and M50 Doug “Bubba” Sparks. Sparks is an especially good story-teller, recalling how as a sixth-grader who was inspired to build a vault pit in back […]

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Fifth Avenue Mile had some hot masters, too

By now the world knows Alan Webb lost to the Aussie in the Fifth Avenue Mile — a New York City road race with lots of pretensions. But don’t forget the age-groupers. Great times were turned in by Alston Brown of the Central Park TC (He ran 4:46 at age 56) and Sid Howard of […]

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USATF Masters Hall of Fame nominations posted

I’ve been scooped! And I love it! Coach Ross Dunton has posted detailed information on the 25 nominees for the 2005 Class of the USATF Masters Hall of Fame, a.k.a. the Hall of Fame in Name Only. (No physical Hall of Fame exists yet, although a presence is promised at the National T&F Hall of […]

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Hey, Michelob! Lissen up! Toast the best geezers with cash

At least seven masters track or running champions are among the 30 finalists for the inaugural GeezerJock of the Year award, sponsored by Michelob ULTRA. A press release says: “The award recognizes supreme achievement in Masters athletics, which is defined as organized athletics for men and women over 40 years of age.” The fall issue […]

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Kansas M60 athlete writes ‘Coach in a Box’ software

Last July, an M60 runner/jumper named Jim Snook of Kansas wrote me regarding some software he created to help athletes prepare and analyze their own workouts. He didn’t call it “Coach in a Box.” That’s just sumthin I came up with. I didn’t get a chance to mention it until now. (Sorry, Jim!) But since […]

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