Is M55 hurdler behind pro track and field association?

If you ever start a professional track and field association, check your spelling and syntax. That’s my advice for the entity who sent me email today. The subject line said: “Track and Field for the less able-bodied people.” The message began: “Hello Track and Field die heart. If you know of any individuals who are interested in track and field but on a lesser scale than the one you perform on, perhaps you can tell them about the Professional Track and Field Assoc. (PTFA). We would appreciate it, much. Thanks.” A survey page is vague on its mission on starting a pro track league.

The note wasn’t signed, but a Thomas Gilliard is associated with the website of the Professional Track & Field Association.
The Gilliard we see listed as director may well be an M55 hurdler from Georgia listed as Tom Gilliard in many results and rankings. Gilliard once held the M45 American record in the 110 hurdles.
I hope Tom helps clarify his status with the PTFA.

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November 20, 2006

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  1. Loren Stone - November 20, 2006

    I think a “die heart” would qualify as less than able-bodied, yes.
    The website won’t be taken too seriously by the search engines until they get it off of one of those “free” web hosting services.
    Also, if the navigation needs to be explained, then there’s a design weakness.
    Other than that, shows a lot of gumption. :)

  2. Kim - November 21, 2006

    Sad in a way. Why doesn’t he put his energy into the existing track and field organizations that are open to “less than World Class” athletes?

  3. MR - November 22, 2006

    I agree about getting the spelling and grammar correct before trying to sell such an idea to a nation. One example I saw of this reads:
    “You didn’t quite. You were forced to stop.”
    I also agree the navigation of the site is terrible.

  4. Thomas Gilliard - December 24, 2006

    Dec. 24, 2006
    Hi folks,
    I am Thomas Gilliard, the person this blog is about. I apologize to the people I have offended who have better spelling and grammar skills than me. I have always had a hard time at doing perfect work in many things.
    Thanks, on the heads up about the web site design. I taught myself how to work a computer by learning how to build a web page at the same time. I went every day for two years, back and forth to the public library to do this. The web frames were always something I wanted but they were too difficult for me to use at the time. When I finally got around to learning frames again, I guess I got carried away with them because the results are what some of you have commented on recently. I will keep your comments in mind when I modify the site again.
    I am an ex-hurdler and I have had a great time in competing but sadly, those days are over with. The program I have founded, The Professional Track and Field Association – (PTFA), has been designed primarily for former high school and college track and field athletes who have non elite talent and who are in the open division ranks. I think most will agree that there are very few meaningful T&F programs for this group of people, (PTFA) has the ability to fill in the void. The program has been so well designed that USATF has shown an interest in our development.
    What do you do, when you are doing something you love and your best isn’t good enough? I don’t know about you, but I keep trying. I will always try to better my best.
    Best wishes,
    Thomas Gilliard
    (PTFA) Director
    A curious thing just came to mind. People tend to remember the very best and very worst of things. If my work would have been perfect, would this blog have been written? I think Mr. Ken Stone is a silver lining in my dark cloud of muddled words. Thank you, Ken!

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