Altendorf shares video of world record M60 vault

John Altendorf, writing on Becca Gillespy’s message board, has given further details on his M60 world indoor record in the vault last weekend in Seattle: “This was the first time I attended the UW Open. . . . Most masters meets are very sparsely attended so to have such a large crowd in a confined area was a new experience. And since my jumping went well, all this fit together to make a great day. This is the only meet where all the heights I made (4) were on the first attempt until I went out trying 4.00m. If anyone wants to see the 3.96 jump you can access it with this link.”

John continues:

If you look closely at the end of the video you will recognize a smiling face in an orange T-shirt. She was there helping me for all my jumps. Thanks to my friend and fellow masters vaulter Louis Baucom for video taping my jumps. Jump details: 8 lefts from 91’6″, 4.15m 165 lb 17.6 flex Pacer FX gripping 12′ 10. (Just for the record, the first jump at the record was at 3.92m not 3.93m.)

Marvelous jump, John! Just amazing. Great form, great finish.
Love that helmet, too!

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February 13, 2007

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  1. John Altendorf - February 13, 2007

    Man Ken! You’re the fastest keyboard in the West! I posted a note on PVP and started to write one to MastersTrack but stopped for lunch. I come back and finish my post and when I go to look at it, you have already made a new post about the one on PVP.
    That helmet is pretty special to me. In Jan of 2006 at the Summit, I had many of the greats of pole vaulting autograph it. There is some real Zen pole vault power in it. I’m torn between putting it on a shelf to preserve it, or wearing it and trying to “do them proud”.
    Check out this list:
    Russ Buller
    Jeff Hartwig
    Nick Hysong
    Adam Keul
    Tim Mack
    Bubba McClean
    Derrick Miles
    Justin Norberg
    Daniel Ryland
    Tommy Skipper
    Toby Stevenson
    Brad Walker
    Stacy Dragila
    Dana Ellis Buller
    Becky Holliday
    Amy Linnen
    Ebbie Metzinger
    Tracy O’Hara
    Mary Sauer
    Jillian Schwartz
    Kate Soma
    Beth Spearmon
    April Steiner
    Jennifer Stuczynski
    Kellie Suttle

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