Steve Bunn sprint marks on fixed

Last week, we noted how indoor marks attributed to M40 sprinter Steve Bunn were faster than what official results showed. Those false indoor marks on have now been corrected, rankings chairman John Seto reports. In addition, a 10.98 time in the 100-meter dash claimed by Steve in 2006 has been changed to 11.0 hand-time, since it wasn’t fully electronic (FAT) to begin with.

I contacted two organizers of the East Alton, Illinois, summer all-comers series where Steve said he ran 10.98. Both the organizers — Russ Colona and Will Summers — told me that the meets were all hand-timed.
Will wrote me a few days ago: “I can tell you with about 100% accuracy that any times at the East Alton summer meets were not FAT. They were definitely hand time.”
And in a phone chat yesterday, Russ said the same. He said he knows Steve and is pretty sure Steve was hand-timed in 10.98, but that stopwatch clockings in the hundredths were recorded only to sort out who should win awards.
According to standard procedure, one adds 0.24 seconds to hand times to get an “equivalent” electronic time. So the best Steve might have run was 11.24 (after 10.98 was rounded to 11.0).
This isn’t trivial, or merely academic. is an official USATF seasonal listings site, and its marks are cited by reporters and statisticians worldwide. A good example is, the respected Austrian-based world masters stat site maintained by Martin Gasselsberger.
At the moment, the 2006 world masters rankings list Steven Bunn as having run 10.98 on June 8, 2006. That put him in the top 10 in the world in M40 — behind only Aaron Thigpen and John Simpson on the USA list. But if his mark had properly been reported as 11.0, he would have been no better than 20th on the world list (or not listed at all).
Here’s a screen shot of the 10.98 listing on, in case the mark is removed from that site as well.
On April 23, I wrote to Steve:

Another question:
Did you run the 100 in 10.98 in 2006, as indicated here:
If so, can you please provide confirmation?
If not, what will you do about the discrepancy?

Steve replied on April 24:

The answer is Yes, the meet is correct as well. The Meet directers name is Ross Colona and he is an ISHA for over 20 years. I can get you his home number if you like. You will also find times posted over the 2007 season under the St. Louis Track club in the low 11s. As a 6 year veteran of masters track and field I am aware that most of these times are posted on the net so it is strange that I would fudge any of them. I am not sure why times I run would be referred to as “a discrepency” This seasons indoor times may be a little slower due to the fact that in August at the State games of America I suffered a complete avulsion of my semitendinosis. The surgery was performed on August 9th. So it is great just to be back.

We’re happy to learn that Steve is in good shape. We’re also happy to see his marks accurately reflected on
Steve is fast, no question. I think he’s also wiser to the ways of the digital world. Hand-times should not be submitted as electronic.
Now go kick some butt in East Alton, Steve. Russ Colona says the all-comer series returns as usual — every Thursday in June.

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May 2, 2008

4 Responses

  1. Dave Clingan - May 2, 2008

    Steve Bunn’s 100m time in the 2006 USA Masters Rankings has been corrected and is now listed as 11.0h, since we are now aware that it was a hand time, not FAT. (We list hand times separately from FAT times in the rankings).
    On our rankings submission form, the athlete is asked to specify whether the performance was hand timed or automatic timed. To the best of my knowledge, the reason it was previously listed as 10.98 is because it was submitted to us as an automatic time.

  2. Mike - May 2, 2008

    I think that there are a lot of Masters competitors & officials [especially those who took up track as adults] who do not understand the difference between hand & automatic timing nor about the effects of wind. The more that can be done to educate evweryone the better.

  3. Ken Stone - May 5, 2008

    Here’s a screen shot of what the Bunn entry looked like before it was changed to 11.0h:
    Note that it’s the only mark entered for this meet — usually a tipoff that it didn’t employ automatic timing.

  4. Scott Allerd - March 15, 2014

    I stumbled upon this utter nonsense. Steve is so well respected that I am surprised that he ever dignified any of this with a response. I think Steve should have taken action here. Ken ,you are nothing more than the”dorkof the class ” that must have had a little too much sand kicked in his face as a kid. I vant imagine what it must be like to wake up on the morning and see yourself on the mirror. And just in case you are mot up to speed.No pun intended. YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK AS AN ATHLETE!!! OMG!!! Are you kodding me!!! Your time are an.absolute joke!!! Even for watered down masters competotion. Nobody cares about the times you are anyone else in masters track run.except the particpants. Besides this guy in particular could rip your head off without a.thought. Have yoj seen Steve??? He.definetely took pitty on.your goofy looking ass.


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