Scott Weeks on a streak: 800 under 2 minutes for 21 years

Scott Weeks is 36 and not yet on the masters radar. He will be soon enough. According to an article in his track club newsletter, Scott has gone sub-2 in the 800 meters every year since 1988.  “The streak began . . . when Scott ran 1:59.7 as a 17-year-old junior at tiny Groton High School in Upstate New York,” writes Matt LoPiccolo on the Syracuse Chargers Web site. “He followed with a 1:57.1 in his senior year, narrowly missing qualifying for the New York State Meet.” And every year since then, he’s never run an 800 slower than 2 minutes!  Actually, the article, written in December, is already dated. On January 31, Scott ran an indoor 8 in 1:55.98 at a meet in Hamilton, New York — less than 3 seconds off his all-time PR of 1:53.38. So this is his 21st year sub-2.  A week later he ran an indoor mile in 4:22.48.  Scott is well aware of the masters circuit. In 2008, he played a supporting role in John Hinton’s unratified M45 world indoor record in the mile at the Hartshorne races. Scott was the designated rabbit, pulling the milers through the halfway point in 2:10. This year, Scott again paced at Hartshorne, this time helping Jim Sorensen’s winning 4:17.08.

Scott Weeks is built close to the ground — and for indoor speed.

Here’s the article from last December:

Scott Weeks… Perpetually Fit
By Matt LoPiccolo

 As anyone who has run after a dream on the track knows, it can be a long, lonely, unforgiving pursuit.  Chasing a qualifying time or winning races year in and year out requires both the desire to compete and the motivation to train.  This in turn requires one to be free of injury, or as close as possible.  Finally, one must have the support of family and friends in order to make the time to chase the dream. 

All too often, we as runners go it alone because average people simply cannot comprehend why we do what we do.  Though thirty-six year old Scott Weeks has endured every aspect in chasing the running dream, I always seem to be saying this: “Weeksie is always fit!” 

My great friend and long time Syracuse Charger has had some big milestones throughout his remarkable running career.  Possibly the biggest thus far was the birth of his son, Tristin, on tax day in 2008.  Little did the wee Weeks know, but he put another landmark of his father’s in jeopardy. 

Fortunately, the elder Weeks is in a perpetual state of elevated fitness.  It took until the three hundred and sixty-second day of the year to prove it once again, but for the twentieth consecutive year, Scott ran sub 2:00 in the 800 meters.  Astoundingly, he never ran two minutes or slower in any 800 during the streak.

The streak began in the spring of 1988 when Scott ran 1:59.7 as a seventeen year old junior at tiny Groton High School in Upstate New York.  He followed with a 1:57.1 in his senior year, narrowly missing qualifying for the New York State Meet.  This was prior to the separation of divisions based on school enrollment; otherwise he may have been the small school state champion.  Scott did, however, set the school record at Groton, one he held until he coached his star pupil, Sam Mackenzie, to the state meet in 2001 with a time of 1:55.51.  

After high school, Weeks headed to SUNY Cortland where he won (among a plethora of other races) the 800 meters at 1995 SUNYAC Outdoor Championships.  A week later he added the NYSCTC 800 title, as well as the 4×800 relay.  Incidentally, this is when I first met Scott, as he soundly beat me in all three races!  In all, Scott was a seven-time SUNYAC Champion and qualified for the 1995 NCAA Division III Outdoor Championships in the 1500 meters.  After college, Scott earned the high school coaching and teaching job at his alma mater. 

He also joined the Syracuse Chargers Track Club and has been the foundation of the club ever since.  Scott’s involvement with the Chargers attracted me to join the Club in 1999, and we have been teammates ever since. 

As a Charger, Weeks has the rare distinction of running on victorious relay teams at the Millrose Games, the Penn Relays, and the USATF Indoor Championships.  In 2002, I teamed with Scott, Brian Lombardo, and Lubert Lewis to win the College/Olympic Development 4×800 relay at Millrose and the OD 4×800 at the Penn Relays.  Three years later, Scott and I once again teamed together, this time along with Kris Enwright and Dereck Treadwell to win the DMR at the 2005 USATF Indoor Championships at the Reggie Lewis Center.  Those battles will forever remain as favorites in my memory.

Weeks’ personal best in the 800 came in the summer of 2003 at the USATF New England Outdoor Championships where he ran 1:53.38 at the age of thirty-one.  Other notable PR’s include:  1000 meters (2:25.21); 1500 meters (3:52.87); 3000 meters (8:28.8); 3000 meter steeplechase (9:10.76); road 5K (14:53); and cross country 8K (25:01). 

Scott also won the steeplechase at the Empire State Games for five straight years from 1996-2000.  He added the 1500 meters in 1998 and 1999 for double ESG gold.  In addition to his club records in the 1000 and steeplechase, Weeks holds the records in the 4×800 (7:29.84), DMR (9:52.15), and 4×1500 (15:55.42). 

Now twenty years since first breaking 2:00, the rare individual with the support of his family, the durable body, and the will to compete and train, stepped on the line at the USATF Niagara Indoor Championships at RIT on Saturday, December 27th

With new Charger blood Nick Stenuf leading the way, Scott Weeks rolled through the first 400 meters in 57 seconds.  Stenuf maintained velocity and went on to take the win, running 1:54.33 to set a meet record.  Weeks followed with a 60 second final quarter to place fourth in 1:57.47, breaking 2:00 for the twentieth straight year. 

With his wife Jessica there as witness and support, Scott once again proved that he is a pillar of fitness consistency and determination.  It will be a life lesson their son Tristin will surely learn.  I know he will have the support in his life to chase any dream he chooses to pursue!

Scott runs the roads when he’s not circling the track twice.

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April 14, 2009

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  1. Michael Shufelt - April 14, 2009

    Scott was also inducted into my high school hall of fame(Groton) in mid january…I was in Groton that day and made a point to meet Scott and chat a little about masters track…good luck to a new friend-keep the string going!

  2. Joe Weeks Jr. - December 10, 2009

    Scott is my brother and I can not say enough about him and how proud I am of him. He has alwasy inspired me to do my very best and is one of the main reasons of who I am today. He will never quit that is for sure. he will be competing when he is 100 years old. Keep it up bro.

  3. Dave Whitehouse - January 6, 2010

    Scott Weeks was my teammate at Cortland. Glad to hear he’s still kicking ass.

  4. Steve Sutton - January 6, 2010

    Scott was also a teammate of mine at Cortland university. I think he can beat me up good in a race, but I can definitely beat him up since I think I got 100 pounds on him now!

  5. Jason Porter - September 27, 2012

    Lets get Dave and Steve back into shape and we’ll run an 8:00 Masters 3200 Meter Relay!!

  6. Richard Moore - April 19, 2015

    Scott Weeks is my coach at Groton and with out a shadow of a doubt he is the best.

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