Germans making their own masters track movie: ‘Herbstgold’

At least three masters tracksters between the ages of 73 and 100 are featured in a new documentary  being filmed in Germany and eventually Lahti. Called “Herbstgold” (or “Harvest Gold: Fighting Time and Age”), it will be the Eurovets version of “Racing Against the Clock,” which I reviewed four years ago.  English and German language trailers have been posted on YouTube. Here’s the English one.  I spotted Mel Larsen running hurdles and Bill Daprano getting ready to vault. The filmmakers are Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion  and the documentary’s director is Jan Tenhaven.   In the shot below is W80 Riccione racewalk champion (and Masters Hall of Famer) Miriam Gordon, who is featured in this clip:

Click on image for 3-minute preview of  German masters track film “Herbstgold.”

The YouTube description is thus:

The film tells the life-affirming stories of three senior athletes across the world who all have one goal — to take part in the track and field World Masters Championships. The biggest challenge is their age as all three athletes are between 80 and 95 years old — a race against time and personal degeneration.

Here’s how the Koops in Germany describe the project (and my apologies for the Googlie translation):

“Autumn Gold” is the new documentary by Jan Tenhaven (Production: Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion, Coproduction: Navigator Film), which includes alongside Alfred Proksch (AUT), Gabr Gabric (ITA) and other elders of the Masters scene. . . . Director Jan Tenhaven has the concept of the documentary film about the “race against time” will be created, including of North Rhine-Westphalia – Film Foundation has been promoted.

“The film tells the life story of three senior athletes from Europe. They all have one goal: The ‘Track And Field World Masters Championship 2009 in Finland. The biggest challenge is her age – all three athletes are 78 to 100 (! ) years old. A race against time and personal degeneration ” is the official text accompanying the 90 minutes or 52minütigen strip of uaim WDR television and broadcast on arte – and also comes to the cinema, which is Documenteries very special.

It all started in Riccione, as the production company around Jan Tenhaven first made contact with senior citizens and athletes since this time accompanied. Home, during training, the national competition through to international championships.

 The conclusion is made in Lahti and thereafter, the film “Autumn Gold” for cinema and television, be prepared. Christa Happ and Ilse Pleuger will thus be equal to ambassadors of the sport and the Elderly “Vaterstettener” anti-doping movement.

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June 12, 2009

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  1. derksen amely - September 20, 2009

    i would like to obtain a copy when the film
    eventually comes out – i am also a german master
    athlete who lives i brussels and i know ilse pleuger from when i was member in her german club eintracht duisburg in the 60th.i wish ilse pleuger all the best and hope to see her in march 2011 at the european indoor gent/belguim

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