Will Mike Powell jump 24-foot world record at masters meet?

No question that Beamon-beater Mike Powell has a shot at 7.30 (about 24 feet) and an M45 world record in the long jump. The key question is: Will he shun masters in the process? If you’re gonna try for an age-group WR, you might as well compete against other oldsters, I figure. It’s also a great incentive for locals to join the game. (Imagine going against the best long jumper of all time!) In the video below, Mike repeats his plan to seek a masters WR, and says he can do 6.70 (about 22-0) right now. We’re grateful to M50 long leaper Rick Choppa, who sent the video link. Remember, sending me information for this blog is clinically proven to improve your marks by 5 percent!

Mike, in this Berlin clip, says says Usain Bolt can jump 9 meters (29-6).
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August 22, 2009

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  1. Steve Kemp - August 22, 2009

    I think that it’s great when any former elite athlete or even a legendary one announces a comeback with a World Record in mind.
    If they are not able to accomplish this task for whatever reason, to me, it speaks even more for Masters athletes who ARE able to persevere and figure out how their aged bodies work as older folks. Many of us are just simply “late bloomers”. I’m still waiting for Bruce Jenner to show up sometime.

  2. master - August 23, 2009

    Arto Bryggare,FIN,also aimed at the world record in short hurdles M50,his result at Lahti was 14,90sec when the record stands at 13,5sec something.I welcome every old “star” back in the business.It helps to get acceptance for the masters athletics as the old “stars” dont get the records

  3. Ken Stone - August 27, 2009

    Bolt says he’s interested in the long jump!

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