Mary Trotto named chair of USATF Masters T&F Awards Committee

Mary at Oshkosh in full Bohemia TC regalia. (Photo by Ken Stone)

Hawaii’s Mary Trotto, a regular at nationals and worlds, has officially replaced Dave Clingan as chair of the USATF Masters T&F Awards Committee. Mary informed the two-dozen members: “As of today, Gary Snyder has appointed me officially as the awards chairperson. This happened at the executive committee meeting which was held Thursday.” This is no surprise, since Mary has been acting chair (and doing a ton of work) for months. She also says the committee will test a new method of how nominations are made. “Individuals from the committee (will) become responsible for one age group,” Mary writes. “As such they would look at the performances of that age group and make sure at the end of the year when there is a call for nominations that we do not overlook someone who needs to be considered for an award.” Of course, anyone can nominate anyone — from within or outside the committee. But this just helps prevent a deserving athlete from falling through the cracks. Congrats to Mary on her new gig.

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May 14, 2010

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  1. Rita Hanscom - May 15, 2010

    For those of you who don’t know Mary, I’d like to share a little inside information about her. I spent a week on Maui with my family and happened to see her one afternoon. She invited me to track practice at the local municipal track. I gratefully accepted! When we got there, she was greeted with great enthusiasm by all the high school coaches who were there with their athletes. She is well-known in this surprisingly large track community. She organizes 10k races all over the island, raises funds for worthy causes, and knows everyone and they know her. In other words, she is highly regarded in this community and a great spokesperson for masters track. Mary’s dedication to masters track and field is exhibited in her consistent participation, her time and monetary contributions, and her devotion to training for improvement. I don’t think anyone loves track and field any more than Mary, and I, for one, am happy to see she has this appointment as chair of the awards committee. She is highly educated and extremely knowledgeable about all things track and field. I am grateful for her involvement, just as I am to all who participate and volunteer to help our sport. Without them, we would be nothing.

  2. Linda Cohn - May 15, 2010

    Thank you Mary!

  3. christel donley - May 15, 2010

    I already sent her my personal congratulations/hugs. This is for everyone to know, Mary is awesome! Thanks, Rita and thanks, Mary.

    Now, if she can just get the first hurdle in a race, to set up for the rest….

    Greetings, as we say on the Mainland…

  4. Myrle Mensey - May 18, 2010

    Kudos to you, Mary!

    You’ve filled those shoes for a while.
    Happy to see that they are now yours to keep!

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