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Americans officially have WR in 4×8 — but not American record

Like God, USA Track & Field acts in mysterious ways. But God isn’t stupid. USATF is. At least when it comes to masters age-group records. The latest howler is the listed M35 record for the 4×800 relay. According to this USATF record page, the pending American record for the 4×8 is an April 16 mark […]

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New look for Aussie masters athletics portal — including a forum

Last September, M50 jumper Geoff Bramley of Brisbane told me about his cool, new Aussie masters track site. Now he’s given it a new look. More important, he’s added a message board (which still has kinks, though. I couldn’t figure out how to post a note to it, after registering.) See the site here. […]

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Douglas Kalembo shares DOB proof: passport and driver’s license

Douglas Kalembo is indeed 49, and his recent 50.02 for 400 should be recognized as an M45 world record. Today he sent me images of his passport and driver’s license, which both indicate July 24, 1960, as his date of birth. Driver’s licenses aren’t always reliable. But passports — especially American ones — are pretty […]

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Atlanta TC, Lifeforce TC claim relay records in NW, SE meets

In the past week, an Atlanta Track Club foursome in Atlanta and a Lifeforce TC team in Eugene each set relay records — while wearing similar red tops! On Tuesday, at the ATC Classic, the host club’s W50 women lowered their own American club record, clocking 56.69 in the 4×100. The listed record was 58.73 […]

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Mary Harada lowers W75 world record in mile: 2nd time this month

Results aren’t posted yet, but the grapevine says Masters Hall of Famer Mary Harada of Massachusetts beat her own world record in the W75 mile yesterday at the Hayward Masters Classic, a two-day meet. A week earlier, on her 75th birthday, Mary beat the listed WR by 5 seconds. Her time June 17 was 8:11.55. […]

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Dates announced for 2011 USATF masters nationals in Ohio

The biggest revelation in Gary Snyder’s latest chair report (see it here) is the time frame for the Ohio masters nationals in 2011. It’s been a mystery till now. The meet will be July 28-31 at Baldwin-Wallace College in the Cleveland suburb of Berea, Gary says. This means affluent age-groupers can attend three major meets […]

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Masters exhibition at Des Moines a disappointment, like the meet

So three men ran the masters exhibition 100 yesterday at USA open nationals in Des Moines. Three were DNS — including Lyndon Herzberg, of course. (But he had an excuse: He also was entered in the same race the same day at the Hayward Masters Classic in Eugene, where he was a no-show as well. […]

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Neni Lewis after latest hammer WR: ‘I just take it one day at a time’

Neni Lewis knows pain. She injured her ankle as a high school senior, when she was a sprinter. In 1988, she had a good shot at making the Olympic team, throwing close to 60 feet. But that dream vanished when she hurt her hip and back in a car accident. In masters, she’s had a […]

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Time to gear up for Sacramento nationals: Shop

Checked our shop lately? Now’s a good time. My son, Bobby, has added some new designs — reflected in the new ad at right. These appear on T-shirts, mugs, training diaries and other gifts. Professionally produced and shipped by CafePress, the items are high-quality. (I’ve seen them in real life.) And here’s another special offer: […]

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Forever Athletes website seeks our secrets — but not our $$$ yet

A Seattle-based outfit called Forever Athletes has launched a website and plans to visit Sacramento nationals, videotaping interviews and stuff. Jessica Seyfert and Julian Whatley, a serious cinematographer, will represent the site in Sacto. “Forever Athletes is currently acting as a public service, not a business,” Jessica wrote me. But she says “we are making […]

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