Former 70-footer Rob Suelflohn entered in M50 shot at Sacramento

A masters mole points out that Rob Suelflohn, “who was a 70-foot thrower back in the day, has returned to compete this season.” He’s entered in the M50 shot, and over the weekend he posted a mark of 15.47 (50-9 1/4) with the 6-kilogram ball. He’s third on the seasonal list, however, behind Dennis Diaz and Paul Ossmanalso entered at Sacramento nationals. “Then add names like Bob Arello whose PR is 51 feet, Randy Wilson who has thrown 50 feet, Don Bailey 48 -footer, Ed Riewerts and Lance Neubauer at 47 feet,” says my mole. In all, eight of the top 10 ranked throwers in the 50-54 age group in shot put are entered at Sacto. Paul is defending champ. Here’s a video of Rob, who looks and throws like Brian Oldfield:

Rob’s best season apparently was 1985, when Track & Field News listed his as No. 6 in America:

1 …………………. Dave Laut
2 ……………….. Kevin Akins
3…………….Gregg Tafralis
4 …………….. John Brenner
5 ………………. Jesse Stuart
6 ……………. Rob Suelflohn
7 …………….. Brian Oldfield
8 ………………. August Wolf
9 …………… John Campbell
10 ……………… Gary Williky

In recent years, Rob has been owner and manager of the Powerhouse Gym in Redwood City, California — just south of San Francisco and only a couple hours from the meet.

No fair! Rob gets to train for free!

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June 24, 2010

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  1. Milton Girouard - June 24, 2010

    Congrats to all the Men shot putter’s entered in the 50-54 group at Nationals! With all due respect to the other age groups, this should be the show case event in the Men’s shot put, with eight of the top ranked throwers nation wide, in that age group attending and anyone of them having a chance for the title. The next divisions that should have a hard fought battle for the National title is the Men’s 45-49 division with Jeffrey Bott and Bruce McCook, both out of Nebraska. Dennis DeSoto who has been out of the throwing scene for some years and was one of California’s top H.S. throwers out of Santa Rosa, Ca. with throws of 63 feet in 1981 and who also owned the Amateur record in the Men’s Open stone put of 58′ 2″ (16lb. stone thrown in Highland games competition)in the early 1990’s. Though no one has seen a mark for him in the last 10 years or so, throwing fans suspect he hasn’t lost much in that time and lastly, Tim Edwards of Arizona who is always amongst the top throwers in the nation, shot put and discus. In the Mens’ 60-64 group, Steve Filipski and Tim Mueller are the tied in the National rankings with throws of 14.96m (49’0.75″)and both should prove to be a very entertaining duo to watch compete. Other divisions will have top throwers competing, but as of todays entries, those that are worth the walk outside of the stadium compounds to see throw are Rich Harrison, Men’s 40-44, who is hitting huge distances with throws like 18.05m. (59′ 2.5″) this season as well as Mark Landa in the same division throwing 15.11m. (49′ 6.75″). Mike Rainis in the Men’s 30-34 group who has thrown 15.89m (52′ 1.5″). Greg Stines in the Men’s 55-59 group with a great toss of 15.44m. (50′ 7.75″). I stopped at the mens 60-64 group and I’m sure there are many more notables in the older age groups to mention, but I’ve got to go now, so if someone else would like to give us info on them, we’d love to here it…women too!!

  2. Tim Edwards - June 26, 2010

    You forgot one name, “Milton Girouard”. The mens 45-49 shot would not even be a contest if you were showing up at nationals

  3. Milton Girouard - June 28, 2010

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Tim, but I had all I could handle competing with Jeffrey Bott this past Saturday, 6/26/10 at the Colorado Steppers Meet in Brighton, Colorado. As I said before the amount of outstanding throwers entered at Nationals should prove to be a throwers delight to watch. Good luck and to you and make Arizona proud!!

  4. track fran - July 13, 2010

    Dennis DeSoto is back and better than ever throwing near the mid 50’s and will soon be able to dominate in the 50 to 54 group

  5. Mike Budincich - April 4, 2011

    This guy is impressive as a master now. The foot movement in ’84 was so quick with the force moving to the front of the ring and the big chest post up on the block. I was a guy that was a glider and only got 1-2 feet on my glide with PR in ’77 of 19.65M. This guy is so fast he looks like Fruguglietti throwing the discus.

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