Forever Athletes website seeks our secrets — but not our $$$ yet

A Seattle-based outfit called Forever Athletes has launched a website and plans to visit Sacramento nationals, videotaping interviews and stuff. Jessica Seyfert and Julian Whatley, a serious cinematographer, will represent the site in Sacto. “Forever Athletes is currently acting as a public service, not a business,” Jessica wrote me. But she says “we are making strides towards compiling a monetized ebook/ibook in the near future. Our operations are solely funded by our chairman, Tony Whatley, who originated Forever Athletes to elicit the advice and transferable skills of masters athletes.” I suspect Forever’s folks will be at the Hayward Classic this weekend as well, since managing director Jessica will attend the University of Oregon in the fall of 2011 (seeking a master’s degree). They contacted me to spread the word about a survey. Check it out here.

Here’s the original note I got from Jessica:

On behalf of Forever Athletes™, I’m contacting you in regards to a specific endeavor intended to generate inspiration and practical knowledge towards becoming a more physically active society. Forever-Athletes.Com is a blog aimed at investigating the secrets of athletes 40+ years old. We would like for you and your followers to have access to the community we are forming—sharing in the knowledge and understanding we have begun to develop. Ultimately, our goal is to promote adult participation in physical activity and sports through the inspiration of the Forever Athletes’ stories.

NEW Survey: The first step in hearing from Forever Athletes, is through the survey responses. May I ask that you share this new survey (link above and located on the blogsite) with all your blog-subscribers and friends (40+ years old) who currently consider themselves as an athlete. The goal is to increase the adoption of our definition of an ‘athlete’ (as we’ve indicated on our blog) is quite inclusive: : a person who participates in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina, regardless of age, gender, skill or ability level.

Another note — from Jessica to a masters official — said:

Great talking to another advocate for masters athletics. The purpose of is to begin to identify “secrets” of those who are successfully maintaining their masters athletic career as well as address the common excuses that prevent many from enjoying their own physical gifts. We solicit the masters athletes to share their inspirational stories of how they have been successful athletically. Our audacious goal is to spark a widespread shift in the modern “civilized” world from its current, mostly sedentary habits, to one of regular physical activity. We believe this movement will cut a path to a more healthy society—it’s an exciting thought!

Not sure what Forever Athletes is doing that others haven’t done, including Don McGrath and his 50 Athletes over 50 book and website. The National Senior Games Association covers similar ground. And Forever Athletes links to a book-promotion site called Sports Competitions for Adults Over 40.

But it’s all good. People might encounter Forever Athletes before they stumble upon NSGA — or even this site.

Give Julian and Jessica a good show in Eugene and Sacramento. Share your secrets.

But resist the temptation to be “the older I get, the faster I was.”

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June 25, 2010

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  1. Bubba Sparks - June 25, 2010

    I was contacted by Jessica shortly after I returned from Sydney and the World Masters Games. I filled out their info and have had a few periodic emails with her. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience interacting with them. Bubba

  2. Bubba Sparks - June 25, 2010

    Sorry – I should note that I have never been asked for any money, nor was it even hinted that there may be something to buy now or in the future. I get email alerts to stories of masters athletes in many sports and their stories of triumph and comeback. Very interesting and inspiring.

  3. Jessica Seyfert - June 27, 2010

    Thanks for the blog, Ken. We really appreciate the support from and all our Forever Athletes who have already participated.
    I would like to re-emphasize that Forever Athletes is certainly NOT asking for $$$. We are however, asking for the the insight, wisdom, and STORIES of masters athletes to create inspiration for others to discover their own athletic persona.
    I also, would like to apologize for our absence at the Hayward Classic over the weekend, as we were unable to attend my beloved Eugene venue. However, we will be in attendance at the Sacramento Outdoor Track & Field Championships, July 22-25. Hope to see you there!

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