Pete Magill is back writing — for Running Times and its website

Nobody does it better.

M45 rehabber Pete Magill pulled the plug on his milestone blog, but not his masters coverage. While writing me on another subject, he revealed: “I thought I’d let you know that Running Times just posted the first entry in my monthly online column: Magill On Masters. It headlines the front of the RT homepage today and through the weekend (, and it’ll be mentioned in the magazine each month as a way of pointing readers that way. Here’s the direct link to the article.

An earlier project by Pete, a master of all media (as well as running).

Pete, making a comeback from injury and pointing for Sacramento, continued:

While I’ll be focusing more on middle/long distance running in the column, as that’s the Running Times audience, the columns will cover an array of subjects that might be of interest to all masters competitors — including routines to prevent and recover from injury, tips on psychological preparation for racing and training, workouts aimed at stride improvement, etc. etc. You know, pretty much like I did on my blog before time commitments brought down that curtain.

My first entry includes a nod to Rich Burns and his recent exploits — you know, because who doesn’t want to ride the coattails of a performance like Rich’s entire spring?! 😉

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July 9, 2010

4 Responses

  1. runbei - July 10, 2010

    Huge. Pete’s last articles in his blog (R.I.P.) were wonderful – the news of his resurrection as a RT columnist evoked corresponding joy. HIGHLY recommend his videos on the RT site for masters depressed over losing speed. Pete’s plyo routines work like blazes.

  2. saladin allah - July 11, 2010

    Well overdue Peter…The masters community will thrive. I am truly starting again -while combating a recurring monster ! But I’ll keep fighting…..I’ve got time :).


  3. Rich Burns - July 12, 2010

    Pete’s remedies are one the main reasons I’ve been able to run half way competitively into my mid 50s!

    Thanks again Pete!

  4. tOnY yOuNg - July 12, 2010

    Pete simplifies the process of proper training and being “race-ready.” Even after a few brews – he makes sense.

    Avid reader

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