Ivar Söderlind updates Eurovets records masterfully — yet again

Ivar Söderlind

Europe is a big place. It has lots of countries. So keeping track of European masters records is one bear of a job. But Sweden’s Ivar Söderlind, statistician for the Eurovets, does it year after year, with great care and professionalism. His latest roundup of records is posted here. Ivar writes: “In 2010, up to September 1, I have noted 72 new or modified European outdoor records stadia and 45 of these records also are world records. 59 of the 72 records are brought in 2010.” Wouldn’t it be nice if someone in America did the same thing — at the end of the season publicly instead of in early December privately?

Ivar’s report continues:

In the European Veterans Championship in Nyiregyháza 2010 I noted 20 World Records, 34 European Records and 103 Championship Records. In the heat (more than 30 degrees above zero) it was hard to break records in the long and medium distances.

I have changed in the Record Lists because of new equipments, weights, hurdles distances etc. from May 1 2010.

From May 1 2010 we also have new age factors for scoring of Combined Events (Throw Pentathlon, Pentathlon, Heptathlon and Decathlon). My statistician colleague and friend Ove Edlund, Sweden, has worked hard with combined events and has now finalized the update of all outdoor record lists. Observe that it is absolutely necessary to register all results and scores for the separate events in combined events. It is especially important now when all new Age Factors are introduced.

I also have had very good assistance with the Running from Ken Young, USA, member of the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS), and with the Road Walk Records from Birger Fält, Sweden, member of ARRS and coordinator of the Race Walking Group. I have also found many results in “All Time World Rankings – Master Athletics” which I have checked with Ken and Birger. (mastersathletics.net/All-Time-Rankings-Track-and-Field-Master.365.0.html)

When two or more results are noted in one age group and event the first noted result is the official record if it is missing some tasks for the second result. Only results with all tasks reported (Birth Date, Date and Place for the Competition etc) are approved as official records. For 100m, 200m, the short hurdle distances, long jump and triple jump outdoors only results reached with up to 2.0 m/sec are accepted (wind-gauge is definitely necessary)!

I have noted if the European Records in this list are Official World Records or better than the Official World Records. Notice that EVAA has decided that only events which are in the program for European Championships will be in the Record List (with exception of 3000m). In 1999 and 2000 we have new javelins in many age groups. In the Record lists I present the records with the new javelin and also the old records with the old javelin if they are better than the new ones. In 2000 we also had new hurdle height 68.6 cm for short and long hurdles in the oldest age groups.

The old records with hurdle height 76.2 cm will be left up until it is better results with the lower hurdles (and the same distances between the hurdles). In some Champion Ships wind gauge has been used but in the official result lists it was only noted if the wind was correct or not. (c = correct wind; up to 2.0 m/sec).

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September 11, 2010

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  1. Neni - September 13, 2010

    I noticed for Throws Pentathlon – womens 50 age group that Carol Finsrud is listed as a British athlete (GBR). She is from the US.

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