Pat Peterson’s latest ordeal: two pelvic fractures after fall on ice

Former sprint great Patricia “Pat” Peterson, a masters Hall of Famer and one of the stars of “Racing Against the Clock,” has had a rough enough life already — surviving at least two bouts of cancer. Saturday morning saw her face another ordeal. “Pat fell on the ice as she was going to monitor a Civil Service exam,” reports her friend, Phil Raschker. “They took her by ambulance to St. Peter’s Hospital (in Albany, New York). Pat has two fractures in her pelvic rami. No surgery, but she will be awhile healing. Monday they transferred her to St. Peter’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 301 Hackett Blvd, Albany, NY 12208 RM 18 B Tel: 518-459-5408 for rehabilitation.” Just a blip, Pat. We hope you bounce back fast. We miss you!

Pat races with her ever-present smile at the 2006 Charlotte nationals.

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January 14, 2011

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  1. peter taylor - January 14, 2011

    Pat has always been very popular among her fellow competitors, and why would she not be? Friendly, personable, and engaging, she has won many a race over the years, some in record time. If you are reading this, Pat, we are wishing you all the best.

    Peter T.

  2. Roger Pierce - January 14, 2011

    Right on Peter. A lovely, talented,warm,gentle soul.Our hearts are with you Pat..Heal fast.

  3. Mary Harada - January 14, 2011

    There is a phone # listed above – I have not tried to call her yet but I will – and if she can be reached by phone I am sure she would love to hear from folks. I do not know if she has access to her computer – I think she has a laptop – and she may be reachable that way. Mail her a card. Get in touch with Pat – she needs our support – we all need to support each other through injuries and illness.

  4. Christel Donley - January 14, 2011

    Hi Pat, thanks for Phil letting us know that you can use some prayers and good wishes!
    Knowing you, you have a computer meanwhile… here’s to you, until we can talk.
    We are on our way to Kenosha/WI

    Big hug, but carefully and gently!!!

    Your fashion consultant:

    I hope, they let you wear a sweatsuit… shich should remind you -in time – where you can find your friends.

  5. Christel Donley - January 14, 2011

    Pat, it should read “WHICH” should …..

  6. Mary Harada - January 14, 2011

    no computer access in rehab – but the phone goes directly to Pat – or “gasp” send her a card snail mail!

  7. Karla Del Grande - January 14, 2011

    Pat has certainly been an inspiration especially to women in Masters sprinting! One of the most positive role models, always with a smile and friendly words of encouragement to others. So now it’s our turn to give back to her — all the best to Pat in her rehab. I’m sure she’ll have her support crew laughing and working with her to get her back on her feet.

  8. al cestero - January 15, 2011

    prayers for her speedy recovery…

  9. christel donley - January 17, 2011

    To all, she has a computer…. but is still recovering slowly. Pat is such a trooper, talked to her for a while from the Chicago airport.

    OK Mary, the hint for a card was priceless! Thanks, Mom….., BUT she can have a PC – so there.

    Hi Pat.
    I told her to go on the blog.

  10. Mary Harada - January 17, 2011

    Hey Christel – my “mole” to use Ken’s favorite term – told me Pat did not have computer access – glad she does – so Pat – how are you doing? I will email her directly.

  11. Tom Phillips - January 18, 2011

    Comiserations from this side of the Pond, Pat. Hope you will still make it to Sacramento, even as a non-combatant. Get well soon.

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