First report: Willie Gault claims M50 world records for 100, 200

Willie Gault

Results have yet to be posted here, but frequent meet announcer and masters track geek Bill Fitzpatrick reports: “Willie Gault today in the 100: 10.88, W=+1.8. 200: 22.44, W=+1.2. 2 WRs” at the Occidental Invitational in Los Angeles. This is huge. If confirmed, Willie has pulled of a rare WR double in M50. And his times beat legends — Bill Collins and his 10.95 from 2002, and Everad Samuels and his 22.53 from 2008. On the Age-Graded Tables, his marks correspond to open (age 20-30) times of 9.7 seconds and (I swear it’s true) 19.34. Willie Bolt it is! Now for the true challenge of masters track: getting the marks ratified and posted. Pray for him.
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May 8, 2011

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  1. Warren Graff - May 8, 2011

    what’s needed is the submission by meet officials of the appropriate paperwork, etc. – let’s pray that this has/will be done.

  2. peter taylor - May 8, 2011

    Thanks for posting this, Ken. We sometimes forget how good the M50 mark of 10.95 is; before Bill Collins ran that time the record was much higher (I’m too lazy to search for what it used to be).
    For anyone to beat 10.95 is a magnificent achievement, but Willie G. would be the logical choice.

    In terms of ratification, theoretically it should be a moot point because of rule 139.3 of the USATF Competition Rules:

    Recorder of Records: For all meets there shall be included in the list of officials a Recorder of Records. He/she shall see that records are properly applied for…He/she shall have no other duties.

    Did the Recorder of Records at the Occidental meet go to the wind gauge operator to get the wind speed, etc.? Did he/she pick up a copy of the photo?

    Who was the Recorder of Records at this meet? Of course, we all know that some meets help the masters competitors apply for records, some are neutral, and some are downright uncooperative. And there is no doubt in my mind that some meets don’t have a Recorder of Records. Oh, well.

  3. pino.pilotto - May 8, 2011

    Amazing! Incredible! Congratulations!

    (But, but, but I belief only in numerology, and so the 100-m-time must be 11.88 and not 10.88.
    because of the numbers 11 – 22 – 44 – 88 … LOL).

    BTW the (wma model 2010) age factors (for combined events) for the M50 in 100 m are 0.8996 and in 200 m 0.8934 – Ken, do You have other factors?

    I hope that the marks of 10.88 and 22.44 will be soon ratified. And I wish to Willie Gault many other astonishing runs!

  4. Nolan Shaheed - May 8, 2011

    WOW!!!! Congratulations Willie. These times are phenomenal especially considering that you ran faster at this meet in BOTH races than you did last month with wind.
    Keep on running fast my Brother.

  5. Gary - May 8, 2011

    Congratulations Willie G., you are an inspiration; I’ve always said that more attention should be bestowed upon master’s athletes, we are the elite and people like Willie, Nolan Shaheed, Bill C., and Roger Pierce prove it; don’t mean to leave anyone out, but you get my point.

  6. Who's your daddy ?? - May 8, 2011

    I hate to rain on anyone’s parade; but why isn’t Willie showcasing his talent at the world’s; which is literally in his back yard?? Bill Collins always shows up ! Anyone think maybe Willie can’t pass a drug test??

  7. Willie Gault - May 8, 2011

    Thanks to all of you for you good wishes and congratulations! I have all the necessary photo finishes, wind reading, signatures from the referee, the starter and the timer. I will turn in these things along with email photos and timing!.

    To respond to the number 6 person who responded to this site. You or anyone can come and test me anytime day or night I will take any test anyone wants. If you check my history I have never stopped running so my times are not that incredible for someone who ran 9.95 and continued to train. I have never drank alcohol in my life, never smoked, never done drugs. I am a vegetarian, but I eat fish. I train with 24 year old kids and I have one of the greatest coaches ever, John Smith. #6 it’s called hard work and life dedication!!! I do not have anything to prove to anyone at the Worlds, if I can work it into my schedule I will be there.

  8. Cornell - May 8, 2011

    Congrats Willie, you deserve the honor for the elite-level training that I’ll witnessed. Stay healthy and break more records!

  9. Ken Stone - May 8, 2011

    Results are now posted here:

    Men 100 Meter Dash
    Meet Record: * 10.12 1988 Michael Marsh, UCLA
    Name Year School Finals Wind H#
    1 Rashad, Ahmad HSI 10.21 0.5 1
    2 Callender, Emanuel HSI 10.25 0.5 1
    3 Fisher, Kawayne Unattached 10.36 0.5 1
    4 Trice, Lawrence Aag Elite Tr 10.43 0.5 1
    5 Miller, Raymond Unattached 10.51 1.2 2
    6 Padron, Jonathan Occidental 10.55 1.2 2
    7 Haynes, Bryan Aag Elite Tr 10.60 1.2 2
    8 Taylor, Jordan Cal St. Bake 10.61 0.5 1
    9 Davis, Michael Cal St. Bake 10.63 0.5 1
    10 Horton, DeMarion Unattached 10.65 1.8 3
    11 Mor, Tal Unattached 10.67 1.8 3
    12 Peabody, Tucker Lipscomb 10.70 1.2 2
    13 moore, carlos puma 10.76 0.5 1
    14 Dees, Damon Bio Freaks 10.78 1.2 2
    15 Gault, Willie HSI 10.88 1.8 3
    16 Radu, Caius Cal Lutheran 10.89 1.8 3
    17 Blanchard, Ross Redlands 10.93 1.8 3
    18 Burgess, Nasheed Lipscomb 10.96 1.2 2
    18 Walker, Evan UC Santa Bar 10.96 -0.5 4

    Men 200 Meter Dash
    Meet Record: * 20.18 1988 Henry Thomas
    Name Year School Finals Wind H#
    1 Callender, Emanuel HSI 20.81 0.7 1
    2 Rashad, Ahmad HSI 20.90 0.7 1
    3 Fisher, Kawayne Unattached 21.14 0.7 1
    4 Martin, Rodney Hsinternatio 21.22 0.7 1
    5 Trice, Lawrence Aag Elite Tr 21.24 0.3 2
    6 Taylor, Jordan Cal St. Bake 21.26 0.7 1
    7 Miller, Raymond Unattached 21.32 0.7 1
    8 Keene, Zachary Azusa Pacifi 21.41 0.3 2
    9 Registe, David Alaska Ancho 21.56 0.3 2
    10 Horton, DeMarion Unattached 21.67 1.9 4
    11 Davis, Michael Cal St. Bake 21.72 0.3 2
    12 Peabody, Tucker Lipscomb 21.76 0.3 2
    13 Mor, Tal Unattached 21.90 1.2 3
    13 Fortugno, Marcus La Verne 21.90 0.3 2
    15 Macdonald, Jeff Claremont-Mu 21.97 1.9 4
    16 Nolan, Deon Azusa Pacifi 21.99 1.9 4
    17 Watkins, Chancise La Verne 22.02 1.2 3
    17 Baker, Brandon Cal St. San 22.02 1.2 3
    19 Burgess, Nasheed Lipscomb 22.03 1.2 3
    20 Radu, Caius Cal Lutheran 22.05 1.2 3
    21 al shabanat, mohammed Unattached 22.23 1.9 4
    22 Turkington, Matthew Cal St. Bake 22.30 1.9 4
    23 Gault, Willie HSI 22.44 1.2 3
    24 Mora, Justus Cal St. Bake 22.51 0.2 5

  10. Ken Stone - May 8, 2011

    BTW, Willie is aware of Sacramento worlds. I reminded him about the regular meet deadline when I chatted with him at Mt. SAC.

  11. Ken Stone - May 8, 2011

    Also BTW: Here’s the site I use for Age-Graded Table conversions, which I assume uses the latest factors:

  12. Who's your daddy ?? - May 8, 2011

    Sorry Ken……Willie’s a no show. He’s no newbie to masters track; and is aware of what’s out there for masters. If it looks like a duck…and quacks like a duck…it’s a DUCK until proven otherwise.

  13. Weia Reinboud - May 9, 2011

    Do not believe the age gradings too much…

  14. Tony Plaster - May 9, 2011

    So this is the downside to masters drug testing,

    Any jerk-weed out there can slander by insinuation…. maybe the guy has a family commitment ( you remember ,those people that live in the house with you), maybe he doesnt like the venue. his buisness . Creepy no name posters make me tired.

  15. Andres - May 9, 2011

    Willi , congratulations from Spain..!

  16. Panama Kid - May 9, 2011

    Gault:I would not mind seeing you run against the likes of Krulee,Waller,Butler,Fulton and alike.#14: Some of us like our NICKNAMES AND IT’S ALLOWED.

  17. Ken Stone - May 9, 2011

    Another reason Willie should enter worlds: What a relay we can put together! And another chance at a WR. Current listed M50 WR for 4×1 is 44.77 by Frey, James, Fulton and (banned sprinter) Barnwell.

    Best American M50 sprinters from 2010 were:


  18. MIke Sullivan - May 9, 2011

    Great Job Mr. Gault – Amazing what the human body can do when pushed….Sully

  19. Kettrell Berry - May 9, 2011

    Congrats Willie, you are a man of honor and respect. Stay healthy my friend.

  20. kevin morning - May 9, 2011

    Willie, You are simply amazing. I believe hard work brings about incredible results. You have been consistent with your training over the years and your times reflect that. Keep it up!

  21. keith McQuitter - May 9, 2011

    great job MR Gault ,nice to see you back in the sport,after a life in football,I know how hard it was to make the change from football back to track,it would be nice to see you run the hurdles again,but spinting is doing you well at M50 dont know if you remember me or not ran when you was running hurdles in collage.with G Foster K.Bethel who I train with in NJ.GOOD LUCK KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  22. Marcus O'Sullivan - May 9, 2011

    Willie, I know the word “inspiration” is often used too readily, but really, you are an inspiration to all of us masters runners. Being 48 years old, I have a couple of years before joing your age group. I would have a better chance against the younger guys!! Congratulations!!

  23. Andrew Hecker - May 9, 2011

    Working backward through the Officials channel, I have learned about the situation. Willie didn’t have the proper paperwork with him (“no newbie” experienced masters athlete that he is). I can editorialize that he shouldn’t have to, but that is the reality most masters record aspirants need to learn–carry record paperwork with you if you at all expect to set a record. Alternatively, he did collect all the signatures of the proper individuals. Assuming that won’t fit the letter of the law, I’m going back over the trail and getting the appropriate signatures on the appropriate forms. These records won’t slip through the cracks.

  24. Francois Boda - May 9, 2011

    What a truely amazing performance by Mr. Gault at age 50! I agree with him, hard work always pays and he is for sure a superior athlete. Congratulations!

  25. Enrico Saraceni - May 9, 2011

    Congratulations! But I wonder why Willie does not participate in the world of Sacramento! All this leaves me stunned!

  26. Enrico Saraceni - May 9, 2011

    Willie, why not try a 400m and try your limit even at this distance? If you run the fastest 200 meters in 22.44, I think you could easily run under 50. “Willie Try it;)

  27. bob - May 9, 2011

    Congrats Willie!
    Not to diminish Willie’s achievements but in response to the question of these marks, if a sprinter continues to work and stay in shape, his times will not change greatly. A lifetime of dedication is showing. A sprinter can get by with a relatively small amount of miles and alot of work in a gym,
    a masters distance runner has to put in alot of miles to maintain the cardiovascular system so more of a chance for a breakdown.
    So a 10.88 is not unreasonable for an elite runner who has stayed in shape
    Now if a Mens 50 breaks the 4 minute mile….

  28. Johnny Speed - May 9, 2011

    Congratulations Willie. Ran in same heat back in June 2006 at Moorpark (My first ever Masters Meet). Simply amazing at M50,M45 or at any age. I am sure the USA M50 would love to have you anchor that 4x100r at Sac. Stay healthy.

  29. bob - May 9, 2011

    and just to add i think he will go even faster
    Stay out of the 400 tho
    more chance for injury.
    I think Willie should get in touch with James Lofton and a couple of other guys to make an amazing 4×100

  30. al cestero - May 9, 2011

    great going…! congratulations…! but more impressive is the smile on your face…that’s what it’s all about…!!!

  31. William - May 10, 2011

    I appreciate your comments on lifestyle and as a masters sprinter at age 50, I follow the same dietary and training lifestyle. Preserving what we have is the key. You are an example for all who want to live long and strong.

    You could have the M50 400m WR if you want it.

  32. Dave Ashford - May 10, 2011

    To willie ,im your biggest fan ,because you are the epitome of training hard and living right,i look up to you and other great USA TRACK AND FEILD greats,you are there and running great,and people must realize from 40 to 50 the track record speaks for itself ,if carl ,edwin our jackie where still active ,we would all be reminded that if you train ,you can still use God given talent and break records it is not impossible,im a test to that personaly i broke a world record 13.73 at 40 years in my dreams yes ,but GOD given talent,and hard training.Congrats WILLE G. now rebreak your own WR AND I HOPE YOUR CRITICS ARE NOT AMERICAN, WE MUST ALL STICK TOGETHER.ALL FOR ONE.

  33. JStone - May 10, 2011

    Congratulations to Willie for surpassing the listed 100m & 200m WR’s for M50! The IAAF shows his DOB as 5/9/60, so belated happy 51st birthday to him as well!

    I’m not sure what his fastest legal 100M was, as the IAAF all-time list (see link below) has him at 10.10(A), which is just behind former NFL’ers Darrell Green (10.08), Sam Graddy (10.09) and Henry Neal (10.09).

  34. Andrew Hecker - May 10, 2011

    In IAAFspeak (European dating systems) that really means September 5, 1960.

  35. Cornell - May 11, 2011

    Willie’s race can be seen on RUNNERSPACE.COM. The announcer gives notice of the feat as well.

  36. j.smith - May 11, 2011

    To “whose your daddy” please answer a few simple questions. How many times have Mr. Samuels and Collins been tested? Athletes who choose to not run at a World Championship are considered to be taking PEDs?
    I believe Mr Gaults resume or any elite athlete who continues to compete as a Master would have the capability of challenging existing records.

  37. Andrew Hecker - May 11, 2011

    Willie is this week’s USATF “Athlete of the Week”

  38. Dark Cloud - May 11, 2011

    I believe Willie Gault ran it legit. He has been running his entire life non-stop. However, there is a dark clod over John Smith

  39. Who's your daddy ?? - May 11, 2011

    To Jay…….I know Bill Collins has been tested; neither do I insinuate that someone missing a world meet is taking PED’s. I do question Willie for NEVER attending Worlds or NATIONALS. What’s puzzling; is that the Worlds are in his back yard. It’s not like he has to fly across the country.

    To Willie….you say you have nothing to prove. Then why try to beat world records; and train with John Smith; if you have NOTHING to prove??

    To TOny P… bring up the notion he may have family commitments. That’s funny…..he seems to not have any issues traveling for a college meet !

  40. TonyPlaster - May 12, 2011

    I know none of the folks involved here. but believe that Anyone who makes slanderous insinuations without identifying themselves is a coward and sould not be given a forum. If you seek to ruin someones good name put yours out there for folks to consider.

  41. Pete Magill - May 12, 2011

    Congratulations, Willie Gault! Not only have I been following your masters sprint feats for the last few years (and your open and NFL career before that), but my high school son has also been wowed by your achievements. A fullback on his HS football team and a sprinter on the track team himself, Sean doesn’t give a hoot when I put up a good distance running time. But whenever I tell him about Willie Gault’s latest sprint achievement, he goes nuts. These sprint marks have helped mold his belief that getting older isn’t maybe the horrible curse that he thought.

    As for the drug accusations, I finally stopped visiting the running site, letsrun, because every time I ran a good mark, a bunch of bozos would start posting that I must use PEDs. One guy even kept posting that he was my buddy and knew for a fact that I encouraged high school kids to do PEDs – and it turned out this guy was a fellow So Cal masters runner (the site ran his IP address, pulled up his other posts)! No one pays attention through the inevitable long months of injury, sub-par training, and missed goals. But when finally some solid months of gradual improvement and perseverance pays off with a great time – bingo, you must be on drugs.

    Given the stain that PEDs have been to our sport, it takes a real self-absorbed coward to post anonymous accusations on a public message board. Who’s your daddy?? – you are one sorry excuse of a human being. I won’t call you a peer or masters athlete, because you don’t deserve inclusion in that group.

    Oh, and I won’t be running at Worlds either. We old guys and gals sometimes just have other things to do.

  42. Panama Kid - May 12, 2011

    To: T.P. and Magill:I believe “daddy” ONLY asked why is a guy with that kind of speed does not show case it on a “national or world stage” like B.C.and Allie,HE CAN DO THAT.I use a “nickname” on this board.People in TX,LA,OH,FL and Central America know who I AM.

  43. Pete Magill - May 12, 2011

    Panama – No one is saying you can’t use a nickname. What I’m saying is that posting, “Anyone think maybe Willie can’t pass a drug test??”, makes “daddy” a self-absorbed, anonymous coward. He’s trying to attach the possibility of PED use to a fellow masters competitor – not because he has evidence, but simply because he wants to strike out at a superior athlete. Willie’s accomplishments make “daddy” think less of himself, so his response is to throw stones at Willie from the safety of his anonymity. He wants to hit, and he wants others to join in the hitting – he just doesn’t want to get scuffed himself.

    The problem with letting guys do this (and, Ken, I think you might consider the ethics of letting this guy’s comments stand – your comments sections exist as an extension of your posts, and this kind of accusation therefore gets a forum and legitimacy that, as a newsman, you’d never allow in your own articles), is that it usually sticks a little. After a recent thread on letsrun accusing me of drug use, posters on a different thread mused whether they would use PEDs too if it gave them better performances. Yes – “too.”

    Panama, this is nothing less than an attempt at character assassination. Of course, the fact that it’s done anonymously tells us a lot about the character of “daddy.”

  44. Panama Kid - May 12, 2011

    Magill:Don’t know about the “coward” part.Last year in answer to Ken’s blog “daddy” insinuated/acussed ME of not serving in the military because I’m not a citizen.Bothered me for awhile,but I did for 7 years and life goes on.I know “Daddy” and say hello to him at meets-BUT COWARD???-

  45. I'm Your Daddy - May 12, 2011

    Well — that’s morally disgusting and deplorably unfair to insinuate someone is PEDing online to the entire planet, Who’s your daddy ??. It’s obvious that’s your intention. What a lame smokescreen about attending certain meets…. who gives a rip what meet(s) that athlete chooses to attend. Congrats you did it and your ego must feel better since you’ve got some attention. I’m ashamed I’m Your Daddy. I’m not ashamed, however, of my fellow Masters competitors who at WMA this summer would test positive for decency. Unlike you. Unbelievable…

  46. Kettrell Berry - May 12, 2011

    Mr. Gault has competed at the Nationals.
    M40 60 m Dash
    Name Age Team Finals Points
    1 Mitchell Lovett M41 Brooklyn,NY 7.13
    2 Willie Gault M42 Los Angeles, CA 7.16
    3 Rawle Crichlow M40 Tempe, AZ 7.24
    4 Tony Fulton M44 Yeadon, PA 7.41
    5 Harold Pierce M42 Jacksonville, FL 7.46
    6 Dexter McCloud M42 Norcross, GA 7.47
    7 Robert Harding M40 Forest, VA 7.56
    8 David Neumann M43 East Greenwich, RI 7.62
    9 Rick Evans M43 Dover, NJ 7.78

    M40 100 Meter Dash
    8 Advance: Top 2 Each Heat plus Next 2 Best Times
    WMA: + 10.84 6/10/2000 Erik Oostweegel, NED
    USATF: * 10.87 Eddie Hart
    Name Age Team Prelims Wind H#
    1 Willie Gault M42 So Cal TC 11.04Q 1.7 1
    2 *Rawle Crichlow M40 Unattached 11.13Q 3.7 3
    3 Kettrell Berry M40 So Cal TC 11.28Q 1.9 2
    4 Kenneth Hopkins M40 Unattached 11.30Q 3.7 3
    5 Frank Strong M41 So Cal TC 11.41Q 1.9 2
    6 Marcus Shute M40 Atlanta Track Cl 11.65Q 1.7 1
    7 Nathaniel Williams M41 Motorola 11.57q 3.7 3
    8 Eric Dixon M43 Unattached 11.59q 3.7 3
    9 James Chinn M44 So Cal TC 11.67 3.7 3
    10 Mark Kibort M43 So Cal TC 11.78 1.7 1
    11 Tommy Baker M41 Speed Zone 12.06 3.7 3
    12 Kerry Sloan M40 A Running Start 12.25 1.9 2
    13 Ed Emlaw M42 Unattached 12.39 1.9 2
    14 Charles Patton M40 Unattached 12.40 1.7 1
    15 Ted Decesare M40 Unattached 12.51 1.7 1
    16 Paul Scarlett M40 Unattached 12.59 1.9 2
    17 Eric Halford M43 Unattached 12.69 1.7 1
    18 Mark Pasos M43 Unattached 12.73 1.7 1
    19 Christian Hendricks M40 Unattached 12.85 1.9 2
    20 Harold Pierce M43 Atlanta Track Cl 12.98 3.7 3
    21 John Falk M42 Unattached 14.23 1.9 2

    M40 110 Meter Hurdles 39″
    8 Advance: Top 2 Each Heat plus Next 4 Best Times
    WMA: + 13.96 7/12/2001 Karl Smith, USA
    USATF: * 14.24 Stan Druckrey
    Name Age Team Prelims Wind H#
    1 David Ashford M40 So Cal TC * 14.04Q 1.1 1
    2 *Karl Smith M43 Unattached * 14.23Q 0.9 2
    3 Willie Gault M42 So Cal TC 14.95Q 0.9 2
    4 Brian Conley M43 Unattached 16.02Q 1.1 1
    5 Ed Moore M40 Unattached 16.27q 0.9 2
    6 Kerry Sloan M40 A Running Start 16.47q 1.1 1
    7 Joe Schwieterman M44 Midwest Masters 16.67q 0.9 2
    8 Jeff Brower M44 Unattached 17.29q 1.1 1
    9 Roger Drummond M41 Unattached 18.62 1.1 1
    10 Christian Hendricks M40 Unattached 18.89 0.9 2
    11 Charles Patton M40 Unattached 18.91 0.9 2
    M40 110 Meter Hurdles 39″
    WMA: + 13.96 7/12/2001 Karl Smith, USA
    USATF: * 14.24 Stan Druckrey
    Name Age Team Finals Wind Points
    1 David Ashford M40 So Cal TC 13.82+ 1.5
    2 *Karl Smith M43 Unattached 14.08* 1.5
    Page 36 of 63 1/6/2008
    3 Willie Gault M42 So Cal TC 14.78 1.5
    4 Brian Conley M43 Unattached 15.63 1.5
    5 Ed Moore M40 Unattached 15.93 1.5
    6 Kerry Sloan M40 A Running Start 16.19 1.5
    7 Joe Schwieterman M44 Midwest Masters 16.21 1.5
    8 Jeff Brower M44 Unattached 17.55 1.5

  47. Nolan Shaheed - May 12, 2011

    I agree with EVERYTHING Pete Magill has posted and I think the it is very, very stupid to ask why a man who played in the NFL for eleven years, won a SUPERBOWL ring, was on the OLYMPIC track and field team and OLYMPIC bobsled team, wouldn’t feel extremely exited about running in a Masters meet in which the rules say he MUST compete against 50 year old men.

    I’ve seen him compete in all comers, Masters, and open meets for 20 years and when he says he has nothing to prove, he has nothing to prove to YOU!!! He has a lot to prove to himself and running against men his age might get it for you but it wont get it for him.

    Furthermore, It is dangerous to imply on an international forum that a man is using something that you can’t prove as it is dangerous to imply sexual harassment, or that someone is gay or a racist, or doesn’t have a birth certificate. If an athlete is trying to get a sponsorship and gets turn down because of a stupid rumor,it could be dangerous for the bastard who doesn’t know who his daddy is.

  48. Big Brown - May 12, 2011

    Congrat’s Willie (Maybe just Maybe if Masters Track and Field Athlete’s were treating with more respect. And giving something in return. (like the so called elite track and field athlete) maybe just maybe Mr Gault would show up at national or world events.

  49. Ron W - May 14, 2011

    Was at the Last Chance Qualifier meet today at Cal State LA and as a long time Chicago Bears/Track and Field and Fitness fan I was hoping to see my 20 year-old son run in the same race with Willie Gault. Although they were listed in the same 100 and 200 heats my son ended up runnning the 400 and Gault the 100 in the cool conditions. I got some good pictures of Willie in his 100 though. I do hope he finds the time to run the World Masters in Sacramento to promote by example the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Healthy lifestyles is the missing link in healthcare reform.

  50. J.Hanson - August 16, 2011

    Willies’ performance was extraordinary. It is certainly inspirational and proves with commitment one can remain fit and healthy beyond imagination.

    And I highly doubt Willie is on anything illegal, yet I would really like drug testing in the masters to be a bit more stringent. I think anyone who breaks a record at State level should be tested (within reason)and especially national and world level.
    There certainly is less reason to fear steroids as one gets older as the ramifications are basically obsolete and there are probably substantial health benefits.
    Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast. Until you are definitely proven drug free there will always be questions and for the hundreds of thousands competing world wide, it seems only fair that we know those we are competing against are steroid free. I guess it’s an administration and money issue. but it is frustrating.

    Please don’t misinterpret this post as a judgement on Willie. I only commented on Steroid abuse in general within the masters as the subject came up within this comment page, and as a competitor it can be frustrating not knowing, OR knowing, you are competing against cheats.

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