John Altendorf quietly ups own M65 world record in pole vault

World champ John Altendorf, he of the red crash helmet, raised his own M65 world record in the vault to 3.89 meters (12-9) at a central Oregon meet Aug. 13. He writes: “On a web page of mine I have info and links to video of the jump as well as other record jumps. One in Eugene on July 28 would have been a WR had there been enough officials on hand to witness the measurement.” Also see the write-up about his record in the Bend newspaper. He missed three times at 13-1. Incredible height for a guy of retirement age. More details at Becca’s message board.

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September 1, 2011

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  1. Bubba Sparks - September 2, 2011

    CONGRATS JOHN!! He even looks fast in slow motion!!

  2. peter taylor - September 2, 2011

    Excellent form; he looks like a college vaulter. Wait a second…you say he is in M65? Yikes.

  3. Rita Hanscom - September 2, 2011

    John, that’s so pretty, you make it look so easy. Congrats on another fabulous performance. You rock! And rock back! so beautifully! You’re my hero. Please send me an autographed photo. -Loyal Fan Club Member of the new Red Helmet Rocket Vaulter Admiration Society of John Altendorf. (where do we get our helmets?)

  4. Susan Wiemer - September 3, 2011

    That was a beautiful performance AND a beautifully done video! (I have yet to bend the pole like that)

  5. Terry Parks - September 3, 2011

    Very nice. Congratulations John.

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