Millrose Games has Olympic aspirations — in terms of ticket prices

Many Olympians will perform at the 2012 Millrose Games — the first outside of Madison Square Garden. But does the Armory track (the new venue) have to replicate Olympic prices as well? Admission charges for the indoor mainstay have been posted, and they’re not pretty. Except for $20 “student” seats at one end, the tickets go for $45 to $145. By comparison (see this chart), tickets for the first session of athletics at the London Olympics were sold for $31 to $236 (according to today’s pounds-to-dollars conversion). Last year, Millrose Games tickets went from $15 to $125. Are the best track-level seats at the Armory $20 better than the best seats at the Garden? I dunno. So what do y’all think about track pricing itself out of most people’s budgets? Will masters relayists get student seats or an upgrade? Tickets go on sale Monday.

Prices for 2012 Millrose Games range up to $145 for Hall of Fame seats.

Here’s a screen shot of 2011 Millrose Games prices, when the 104th annual meet was held at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s what you’re paying for — nothing like the ambience of Madison Square Garden:

Would you pay $145 to watch a meet in essentially a large university gym?

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October 15, 2011

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  1. peter taylor - October 15, 2011

    Well, Ken, I am shocked. Not at the prices but at the change in venue. Is this supposed to be “permanent”? I believe that Madison Square Garden can seat over 19,000 for basketball, while the Armory holds about 3,000 for track and field, I believe.

    Is this the beginning of the end? The mighty Millrose Games is going from “The Garden” to an armory on 168th St? Or is this temporary because of repairs that are contemplated for the Garden? That is the big story.

  2. peter taylor - October 15, 2011

    Well, another site says the Armory can seat 5,000, but from what I remember that seems like quite a stretch. Regardless, I consider this a plunge, the superiority of the Armory over the Garden notwithstanding.

    And apparently this is “permanent.” Oh, well. When I was young, track and field was important; now it’s not. I can’t run a lick any more, but it would be nice to see the sport stay in the top 50 (not sure where it ranks currently in the U.S.).

  3. Jerry Smartt - October 15, 2011

    Sad news. My memories, of course, are from the OLD Garden. “Gee, Tex, how the freak old ARE you?” I loved those 3-milers against the Ashenfelters. On the boards in those days, kids. Packed house with the crowd right on top of you. Macy and I, with coach, would fly in from Houston(prop planes)on a Thursday, run the Garden, and next night run the Washington Star Games and back to classes on Monday morning. No indoor tracks in Texas then so we’d train on a banked bicycle track. I swear that the bank was 45 degrees. Awful. Smartty

  4. KEITH MCQUITTER - October 15, 2011

    Im shore this is temp you forget no b ball season so the staff for the garden is layed off ,there may have moved it because of this.

  5. Newfan - October 15, 2011

    The memories that were created from Madison Square garden were made by the athletes and not the facility. Man vs Man is what you pay for. If the races were ran on a dirt track without bleachers but you could still see Lagat race Willis or Galen Rupp go after a record then you would buy the tickets. This move is going to allow for new history to be made. Besides those 145$ tickets included a catered meal so yes, I would pay that. Check out the prices for the New York grand Prix . They also get expensive but thats the price you pay for the chance to see the best in the world. It could be worse, we could all be NFL fans looking for superbowl tickets. So quit crying we have it easy

  6. Who's your daddy ?? - October 15, 2011

    Hey Keith;

    Here’s your annual English lesson :

    Try starting with “I’m sure” ( instead of Im shore).

  7. Rob D'Avellar - October 15, 2011

    I went to the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden last year and, while the Garden was far from full, there certainly were three or four times more spectators than the Armory can hold.

    The Armory is a great facility, but the number of seats can barely accommodate interested parents when a college or high school meet is held there.

  8. al cestero - October 16, 2011

    to: who’s your daddy , hay is for horses… try starting with “dear keith ,” or …”to whom it may concern, “

  9. Tony Plaster - October 16, 2011

    I for one am sad this meet is no longer at the Garden. and wonder if Colgate Womens Games final which were always held the next day are affected?

    But having said that International quality televised meets have been held at Reggie Lewis for a few yrs. The Armory Rocks when things get going.

  10. Robinson - October 16, 2011

    I do find it funny that this comes from a guy trying to sell $27 water bottles. Quite rich, Ken.

  11. David E. Ortman (M58), Seattle, WA - October 16, 2011

    What is the future of track and field?

    Because the University of Washington is playing Stanford next weekend in football, this would be a good time to reflect on the 50th anniversary of the year Stanford track and field saved Stanford football.

    Payton Jordan, retired Stanford track coach, was interviewed by John Blanchette of the Spokesman-Review (WA) as part of an August 14th article on the 1992 National Masters Track and Field Championships (Spokane, WA with 104 degree afternoons). According to Jordan, in the summer of 1961, Stanford’s athletic program was $100,000 in debt as a result of a 0-10 football season. The next year, Jordan drew 72,500 and 81,000 spectators to Stanford Stadium to see the fourth U.S.-U.S.S.R dual track meet, raising enough money to erase Stanford’s red ink. It wouldn’t have happened in 1992 and it wouldn’t happen today. Blanchette asked Jordon who’s killing track and field?

    To see Jordon’s response see my “False Start” track and field column at:

  12. Who's your daddy ?? - October 16, 2011

    Hey Al;

    Keith has a constant problem whereby he butchers the English language. I’ll start my response any way I feel like !

  13. Ken Stone - October 16, 2011

    Here’s an active discussion on the ticket-price issue at Track & Field News:

  14. Fred - October 17, 2011

    Very sad indeed, this is the beginning of the end of the Millrose Games. Now dont get me wrong, the Armorys track is very fast and basically all times ran there should be quicker than those ran at Millrose….but the seating capacity is horrible…..Darn shame

  15. Gary - October 17, 2011

    Let’s face it people track is in trouble as usual. Perhaps we should creat an “occupy the Armory” movement to protest this ridiculous move of one the of the mainstays of track and field to a smaller facility. Obviously our leaders never listen to us based on the posts I read on this site ….

  16. keith mcquitter - October 17, 2011

    hay KEN y do u let jerks like whos a dummy on your site, do you even know how to run or have you ever been a athlete at all you are a dummy grow up kid.

  17. keith mcquitter - October 17, 2011

    any way the event will be back its to big a classic meet to change for ever

  18. al cestero - October 17, 2011

    dear who’s your daddy ( slang for father ), i’ve known keith for a long time and consider him a friend.i am aware of his shortcomings as far as his ability to spell correctly, as i would believe many who read his posts are also aware, but in all the time i’ve been reading this blog, you are the only one who has the audacity to call it to everyone’s attention. i would be more than happy to challenge (as his proxy ) you to either a spelling bee… a game of jeapordy..or a game of trivial pursuit genius edition…any where…any time. if you’d like, i could also challenge you to a poetry contest…singing contest..gardening contest..chess game…automobile building contest…carpentry contest…mason contest.. pitching contest..batting contest…field goal kicking contest… electrical wiring contest …golf match…etc (short for the latin et cetera…meaning on and on )… i thought the discussions were about the millrose games, not about a fellow masters athlete’s ability or inability to spell correctly…and to you keith..keep on posting as you do we all know what you’re saying….god bless…!!!

  19. Anthony Treacher - October 17, 2011

    Al. With Keith it is not only his spelling. In the Val Barnwell relay medals discussion Keith intimated that I was a racist

  20. chuckxc - October 18, 2011

    I know a lot of people wish Millrose Games would stay at the Garden but this move is LONG overdue. I’ve been at this meet for the last five years and I’m convinced that the official attendance figures, although woeful, HAD to be overstated. 4 to 5 thousand tops ! Which is only slightly more than the Armory can hold.

    It’s time to face reality, the “arena” indoor meets are dead. They have been for quite awhile. Millrose only lingered on because of it’s status. No other event, whether it’s a rock concert, circus, sporting event would book MSG with the poor advance ticket sales that Millrose has had recently. They would have cancelled. East coast track fans have had many opportunities to support this meet and have chosen not to.

    The only viable options were to move to the Armory or kill the meet all together. Let’s give the new format a chance. The move to Saturday is a plus, I think. The new ticket prices, not so much. Just bought my “cheap” seat yesterday, figured they would be the first to go.

    WYD – Try posting your nasty grams with the college boys at Letsrun’s board, they love that stuff. This board is for the grown ups.

    AT – Is everything about YOU ?

  21. peter taylor - October 18, 2011

    Thanks, Chuck. I have not been to the Millrose Games in a long, long time (they had a packed house at the Garden, a band, and it was fabulous). I have no trouble at all in imagining the picture you set forth.

    As noted by me elsewhere, it is hard to accept that track and field is a minor sport, but that is what it is and probably will continue to be.

  22. Anthony Treacher - October 18, 2011

    chuckxc. Strangely, YES. For some some people prefer to comment my personality, rather than confront the objective issues. I remembered Keith because he had intimated sometime back that I was a racist and Ken had temporarily banned me for mentioning it. That was probably an internal US race relations thing. God knows. Anyway, my post now was obviously “about” young Keith it was not “about” me. I was not promoting myself. But do not let such niceties bother you chuckxc. Go for it. There is no risk to yourself and you know you have the support of your fellow internet mobbers.

  23. keith mcquitter - October 18, 2011

    never called any one a racist,not you A .T IF YOU feel I did or there was some mishapps in the confo,forgive me if I was out of line ,we are men and if I was wrong forgive me dont think I cant spell I cant type, but some people need to get a grip on life

  24. keith mcquitter - October 18, 2011

    this is for the sport of track &field if you feel you need to vent there is web sites for you if you want to talk chat about the sport of track happy to hear from you if you are a man meet me in person on the track,so I can hurdle your brain and jump over your mind,im in the world ranking on the reg,where is your name listed on there, who have you ran against that is a house hold name or have you ever played a pro sport other then track if not you have not much to say.god judge those that judge others,chew on that.

  25. keith mcquitter - October 18, 2011

    have a nice indoor season to all

  26. Anthony Treacher - October 19, 2011

    Will the real Keith McQuitter please step forward?

  27. anonymous - August 3, 2014

    It is not right how some very insensitive people high light the inadequacies of another. I am referring to the man who relentlessly keeps poking fun of, and belittling Keith Mcquitter. Ok, so what, he is not the best speller, but he is a dam good runner. I am not his English teacher, and neither are you. You know who you are. You accused Keith of calling you a racist. Well are you one? If you aren’t, you sure are a discriminator of those who aren’t proficient in English or spelling. I read where Keith apologized for any misunderstanding that he may have had with you. He denied ever calling you a racist. I personally do not think that you are a racist. Instead, YOU ARE A BULLY WHO NEEDS TO MEET HIS MATCH. You also are very immature. As keith said, ” Grow up, and get a grip”.

  28. anonymous - August 3, 2014

    Keith continue to keep doing what you do best. We love watching you. You are super talented and incredible! We love you no matter what!

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