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Flying at M50: Jason Purcell trains for nationals in neighborhood

Jason Purcell, a 54-year-old sprinter, shares this delightful shot of him during a training run at a high school north of Chicago. It’s still cold, but he’s hot. “I thought that you and other masters runners may be able to relate this,” he writes. “For me this picture says it all. It perfectly illustrates how […]

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Joanna Harper helps SI understand, value transgender athletes

W55 Joanna Harper, whose special status is well-known among her running peers, writes on Carmel Barnum’s site about helping a Sports Illustrated writer do justice to other transgender athletes — men who become women and vice versa. (See it here.) Joanna isn’t the first transgender athlete in masters track. I met a woman (formerly a […]

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W70 Marie-Louise Michelsohn cracks barrier for 10K WR

Blaine Lawson graciously reports: “Marie-Louise Michelsohn has just shattered the world outdoor record for the 10K (W70) by 31 seconds. On a cold and foggy morning at the College of San Mateo, Michelsohn maintained a relentless pace to finish with a 46:38.50 in the USATF Pacific Association Outdoor Masters and Open Championships. The former world […]

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Dragutin Topic ups M40 WR to Valery Brumel in Russian’s prime!

This can’t be happening. A 41-year-old man has jumped as high as the 1960s world record of Valery Brumel — 2.28 meters or 7-5 3/4. But Dragutin Topic has been smashing barriers for years. Why should he stop? His latest jaw-dropper came May 20 at a meet in Beograd, Serbia, according to the IAAF season […]

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Leon Joslin dies at 100; had hoped to break age-group records

George Mathews shares this sad news: “One of our founding fathers has passed. He was hoping to go for 100 age group records soon. We celebrated his life last month at a fancy birthday party on the edge of Puget Sound in Seattle.” George refers to Leon Joslin, who died Monday without a chance at […]

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Incredible M40 WR: Tony Whiteman breaks 1:50 barrier in 800

Two-time British Olympian Tony Whiteman turned 40 last November, but his latest 800 meters was that of an elite collegian. Running at the Loughborough International Athletics Meet on Sunday, he burned two laps in an incredible 1:48.28, blasting through the 1:50 barrier and crushing the listed M40 world record of 1:50.34 by Jim Sorensen. (See […]

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Renee Henderson lowers own W45 American record for 200

World champion Renee Henderson lowered her own W45 American record in the 200 Sunday at the Open & Masters Outdoor Developmental Meet #2 at West Chester University. She’s 47. See complete results here. Meet maven Donna Aylsworth writes from Philly: “It was a small meet but we did have a record broken by Renee Henderson […]

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Masters women’s 3K at Portland also should be hot, hot, hot

Why should the guys have all the fun in Portland? Joanna Harper, organizer of the masters women’s 3K the same day, reminds me: “On June 9, the Portland track Festival turns five. In addition to some strong open races, there are two races for masters runners. … The women’s 3,000 race will feature Grace Padilla […]

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Amy Acuff at 36 quitely crushes American HJ age-group record

Amy Acuff, the four-time Olympian who lowers herself to compete in masters track meets when she needs some work, turned 35 in July 2010. But don’t look now. She’s the top American high jumper outdoors this season at 1.95 meters (6-4 3/4) after clearing that height in March at the Texas Relays. She’s going for […]

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A Ray of light shines on a bright moment of masters history

Ray Charbonneau, who writes as well as he runs, shares an article on what might have been the first age-group road race in America — back in 1961. The “old-timers” are listed in their 40s, which shows you how far we’ve come, Daddy-O. Ray has other great works, including Chasing the Runner’s High and R […]

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