Nolan Shaheed nails M60 American mile record at Portland

Nolan finishes AR.

Going into Saturday’s mile at the Portland Track Festival in Oregon, Nolan Shaheed at 62 had twice bettered the listed American M60 mile record of 4:58.2. But they didn’t count. Portland will, however. Nolan took last in a field of 16, but clocked 4:53.01 to add the outdoor record to his indoor one. (The listed WR is 4:51.85 by Tony McManus of New Zealand, a recent result.) Six days after winning the downhill State Street Mile in Santa Barbara in 4:12, Tim Gore, 42, added the masters mile title at Portland in 4:19.81. The masters women’s 3000 race went to W40 Kris Paaso in a meet record 9:42.60. The listed American record remains 9:27.45 by Carmen Troncoso. Tony Young didn’t run the men’s mile, however, missing a chance at lowering the M50 record. All the great photos here are by Diana Hernandez.

Start of 2012 masters mile at Portland Track Festival, with Nolan on inside.

Joanna Harper shares this race summary of the 3000 she organized:

The master’s women’s 3000 meters started with rabbit Eva Vail towing the leaders through the mile in approximately 5:18. After she stepped off the track, Grace Padilla took over the lead and picked up the pace. Her two consecutive 400s in 76 seconds shook off everyone but Kris Paaso. With 500 meters to run, Kris put the hammer down, and the race was over very quickly. Kris finished very strongly and recorded a huge PR, and meet record, running 9:42.6. Grace faded in the last lap, and was nearly caught by a hard charging Lyudmila Vasiliyeva, but did hold her off. Grace clocked 9:51 to Lyudmila’s 9:52, as the first three all cracked the 10 minute barrier. Notable performances were also put up by Kate Mactavish, whose 10:40 at age 49 was good for a 90.6% AG and by Tania Fischer who notched 10:29 at age 46.

Dave Clingan assembled a super field again. Photo by Diana Hernandez.

Here is the race age-graded:

Kris Paaso 41 9 42.6 90.9% 0.947
Kate MacTavish 49 10 40.75 90.6% 0.8636
Lyudmila Vasilyeva 42 9 52.41 90.2% 0.938
Grace Padilla 41 9 51.71 89.5% 0.947
Tania Fischer 46 10 29.53 88.9% 0.8962
Betsy Seth 54 12 26.7 83.0% 0.8092
Joanna Harper 55 12 37.61 82.9% 0.7984
Wanda Toro 49 11 55.5 81.1% 0.8636

Masters mile field was as good as many high school conference championships.

Here are results from Portand, which included some masters sprints.

Event 89 3000 Meter Run Masters Women
Event Sponsor: Team Red Lizard
Meet: R 9:49.48 6/12/2010 Trina Painter, McMillan Elite
Name Year Team Seed Finals
1 Kris Paaso New Balance 9:50.00 9:42.60R
2 Grace Padilla Nike Run LA 9:48.13 9:51.71
3 Lyudmila Vasilyeva Club NW 10:20.00 9:52.41
4 Tania Fischer Janes Elite Racing 9:59.00 10:29.53
5 Kate MacTavish Team Red Lizard 10:57.00 10:40.75
6 Betsy Seth Team Red Lizard 12:30.00 12:26.70
7 Joanna Harper Team Red Lizard 12:30.00 12:37.61
— Jennifer Teppo Unattached 11:20.00 DNS
— wanda toro Unattached 11:51.00 DNS
— Lynne O’Donnell Bowerman Ath 11:08.00 DNS
— Candy Puterbaugh Unattached 12:30.64 DNS

Event 287 1 Mile Run Masters Men
Event Sponsor: Steve Strode, Broker
Meet: R 4:14.47 6/13/2009 Jim Sorenson, Unattached
Name Year Team Seed Finals
1 Tim Gore Team Bsk 4:15.00 4:19.81
2 Jonathan Swanson Unattached 4:24.00 4:21.18
3 Charlie Kern Greater Phil 4:22.09 4:21.70
4 John Boosinger Unattached 4:20.00 4:21.94
5 Randy Wasinger Kansas City 4:20.60 4:22.09
6 Ian gillespie Unattached 3:57.60 4:24.28
7 Rikki Hacker Kansas City 4:22.80 4:25.40
8 David Weiler Unattached 4:15.00 4:27.02
9 Mike Blackmore Bowerman Ath 4:26.00 4:27.67
10 Kristian Blaich Unattached 4:32.00 4:32.91
11 Ron Kochanowicz Kansas City 4:35.70 4:33.24
12 Peter Magill Cal Coast Tr 4:30.00 4:34.50
13 Ray Knerr Cal Coast/Compex 4:31.00 4:34.75
14 Thomas Kreuzpeintner Oregon Track Club 4:37.98 4:45.55
15 Matthew Thomas Club Northwest 4:42.00 4:50.54
16 Nolan Shaheed SoCal 4:24.00 4:53.01
— Kevin Paulk Bowerman AC DNF

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June 10, 2012

7 Responses

  1. peter taylor - June 10, 2012

    Wonderful running once again, Nolan. You’re so fast that it’s easy to forget you’re in M60. Of course, you are a young-looking guy and run like a quick 35-year-old, and so except for record purposes we can forget about your birthdate.

    Kris Paaso, congratulations on your 3000. I hope to see (and announce) you at some point in the future.

  2. Dave Clingan - June 10, 2012

    It was an awesome day for masters track in Portland! 16 runners, with an average age of 43, ran an average mile time of 4:30. Nolan Shaheed set a new M60 AR while Mike Blackmore (M50) and Rikki Hacker (M30) broke meet records in their age groups. Full results including age of athletes is posted at:

  3. Ken Stone - June 10, 2012

    I’m also told:

    Tony Young has had severe calf and knee problems the past several weeks that impacted his training and prevented him from being able to compete.

    Prize money went as follows:

    $200 Tim Gore
    $150 Jonathan Swanson
    $100 Charlie Kern

  4. Ken Stone - June 10, 2012

    And Kevin Paulk helped rabbit Nolan to his record. Hence DNF.

  5. Steve Chantry - June 10, 2012

    And M50 Mike Blackmore with a 4:27.67! That’s just a couple of seconds off Nolan’s record. Nice run Mike!

  6. Levasseur - June 11, 2012

    Hello Nolan
    One more added to your already impressive list of World record. I have never ran a mile but I guess it is like a 4.32 for 1500M.

  7. Ron Kochanowicz - June 11, 2012

    Racing some of the fastest Masters milers in the country – Priceless! The KC SMOKE thanks you for having us! Six of us came out from KC. Randy Wasinger and I managed outdoor mile PRs. Two of our younger guys took home PRs in the 1500m and the 5000m. Let the good times roll.

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