India still playing games with team sent to international meets?

I hate the way this is worded: “An income tax officer from Palghar division in Thane district has been selected to represent the country in the 17th Asia Masters Athletics Championships to be held in Taipei, China, from November 2 to 7. Snehal Rajput will participate in the 80 metres hurdles and 400 metres hurdles event in the 40-year-old category.” Selected to represent? Does the Times of India not realize anyone can compete, and not have to be “selected” for WMA meets? I’m hoping this is just crazy-stupid editing. The story goes on: “The championships provide a chance for athletes aged 35 to 95 to demonstrate their energy on the tracks. Over 18 Asian countries and around 1500 athletes will participate in various games. Over 300 athletes from various parts of India will take part in the games.” Stay tuned while I sort this out. I hope this doesn’t hint India still has rival organizing bodies.

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October 27, 2012

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  1. Ed Baskauskas - October 29, 2012

    The story says “over 18 Asian countries . . . will participate.” Let me guess . . . is it 19?

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