M70 called his shot and delivered: world record in triple jump

According to an Italian track site, Lamberto Boranga turned 70 in late October and declared he would set a world age-group record in the triple jump. So what happens? Saturday in San Marino, he claims the WR. Guess he knew his body. He reached 10.75 (35-3 1/4), beating the listed WR of 10.71 (35-1 3/4) by Japan’s Kyushichiro Shimizu in 2010. Here’s a Google translation of his performance: “A call in 99.9% of cases the records do not arrive. The records have their own history, their sacredness, their aura that makes them ‘difficult’ beyond a reasonable doubt, even when they seem to be at hand. So the statements of Lamberto Boranga the record attempt could have appear a bit risky, among others in the planning of a record on track to be done in November.”

Lamberto poses with his WR sign at a San Marino track meet on Saturday.

The report continued:

It was also the first time I heard of a race track in November, to be honest. In San Marino do this, and it was good. And so he promised, was written on a number of newspapers, and eventually arrived on time. World record in the triple jump in the M70 category, that international Lamberto reached only 4 days ago.

The official result still do not have it, and by the time we go back to what is reported on the website of Fidal Emilia Romagna and photos of Lamberto with the board showing the result: 10.75, or 4 centimeters more than the result longest history obtained from over 70 before him, or 10.71 of the Japanese Kyushichiro Shimizu, established in 2010 in Maebashi.

His series, according to the chronicles, it would be characterized by a 10.57, the world record at 10.75 (with 0.3 wind) and then 10.68, followed by three zero. We do not get to 11 meters, with which you would be guaranteed a long reign undefeated, but it was still important to write your name in the record books. Next year we’ll see.

The 10.75, translated into AGC represents a 97.28%, or 17.79 (58-4 1/2) if blown by a triple from a guy at the peak of their abilities.

Many thanks to our Italiano masters correspondent Andrea Benatti, who also shared some biographical data on Lamberto. He was a big-time soccer player back in the day.

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November 4, 2012

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  1. David E. Ortman (M59), Seattle, WA - November 5, 2012

    Interesting that Japan has had two Olympic Triple Jump gold medalists:

    Chuhei Nambu (15.72m) 1928
    Natot Tajima (16.00m) 1932

  2. Grant Lamothe - November 5, 2012

    Here is a message for Lamberto:

    Signore Lamberto Boranga:
    Congratulazioni il record del mondo. Nella tua foto si guarda molto in forma e forte per somone che è 70. Complimenti di nuovo, e spero di incontrarvi a Porto Alegre, se sarà andare lì. Ciao a tutti!

    Signore Grant Lamothe (Canada)

  3. Anthony Treacher - November 7, 2012

    I have competed with Lamberto and it is a very positive experience. He is a very friendly and entertaining character. If he likes you, he will give you a big hug.

  4. Arthur Nelson - November 7, 2012

    Congratulations! Always great to see a fellow TJ reaching his goals. Keeps me motivated.

  5. Fidel - November 8, 2012

    Triple Jump? At 70? Wow! To me, that’s the event that’s hardest on the joints.

  6. Weia Reinboud - November 9, 2012

    This is the correct link to the Italian article: http://www.queenatletica.it/archive/2012/11/04/boranga_ce_lha_fatta_record_del_mondo_del_triplo.asp

  7. Weia Reinboud - November 9, 2012

    And this a link gining wind readings: http://www.fsal.sm/index.php?page=news&id=108

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