Dates set for track meet at National Senior Games: July 23-30

Back-to-back meets are in store for masters tracksters over 65 in 2013, with the National Senior Games track meet in Cleveland now officially set for July 23-30 (and July 31 if a rain date is needed). (See the all-sport sked.) That comes days after USATF masters nationals July 18-21 in Olathe, Kansas, not far from Kansas City. The National Senior Games splits its meet into two parts — the first for 65-and-overs and the second for 50-64, which runs from July 27 to July 30. So the older age groups will have less recovery time from masters nationals. Hard to say how many will try the double, especially if they also plan to attend WMA worlds in Porto Alegre, Brazil, or the World Masters Games in Turin, Italy (in early August). A full calendar ahead. Will you go abroad or stay home?

Meanwhile, here’s a hurdle facing folks wanting to compete in Italy — a required medical certificate proving you won’t keel over from palpitations.

One American athlete received this note:

I’m sorry about this situation, I know very well that all over the world this problem is managed in easier ways, but is the Italian law that requires, who is attending a competitive sport, a specific medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports.

I participate in the last WMG Sydney 2009 competing in Cycling, and nobody ask me medical certificate, but remember that in Sydney a men competing in Canoe/Kayak died for an heart attack. If this situation happen in Italy the responsibility is the Organising Committee if we have not made the necessary controls during registration.

All the examinations (Medical-sports check-up; a urine test; Electrocardiogram both at rest and exercise and a spirometry) are mandatory requirements for admission to all the sports, excepted for Golf, Bowls, Archery, Badminton, etc.

Therefore the Organizing Committee will ask you to provide a valid medical to grant the accreditation.

This kind of medical certificate must have one year validity, considering the closing day of 11th August, 2013.

We don’t need to have from You all the medical examinations we need only a medical certificate that attest that You overcome all the tests, that’s all, only a valid document, You can download the Form of the Medical Certificate from our website Registration&Accommodation > New > at the Bottom > Medical Certificate.

If you consider these tests are too expensive and difficult to obtain, we could help you to have a medical-sports check-up and obtain this Medical Certificate and take out an insurance policy directly through the Organization, at the Games Centre. The Sport Medicine Institute in Torino could grant this medical certificate for a figure about 50 €.

Best Regards
Dino Chiavola
WMG Program Manager

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November 15, 2012

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  1. Michael Daniels - November 15, 2012

    An other possible problem with the National Senior track sechedule is, stretching out your travel time on location if you and your running partners stretch into the 64 and below and the 65 and above age groups. Looks like they won’t financially be traveling together to the National Senior meet with a possible two week stay if they do.

    I can see the National Senior Games is built to keep people in town a long time for the financial benifit of the host city area no matter where the event is located. People Management.

  2. Matt McCubbins - November 15, 2012

    We’re leaning toward WMG in Italy over WMA in Brazil. So much to see and do in Italy and nearby countries, lots of other geezer sports to watch at WMG, relatively easy travel with no Visa hassles, and it only comes around every 4 years.

  3. tb - November 15, 2012

    The Triple Crown of Nationals would be USATF (Jul 18-21), NSG (Jul 27-30 or Jul 23-26) and Canadian Nationals in Regina (Jul 26-28).

  4. sh - November 15, 2012

    no VISA hassles, but big medical hassles for WMG; WMA in October seems a better choice

  5. Rick Riddle - November 15, 2012

    USATF site shows Aug 2-5 for Olathe.

  6. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - November 15, 2012

    Actually it doesn’t have it at all yet. What you are looking at Rick is the 2012 schedule when the Nationals were in Lisle on those dates. There’s a button on the bottom of the page that will take you to 2013 Events where it doesn’t appear yet.

  7. Rick Riddle - November 16, 2012

    ooops. Sorry everyone. My bad.

  8. peter taylor - November 16, 2012

    You’re forgiven, Rick Riddle.

    For me, I’m looking at the domestic side, Olathe in particular. No way will I go to Sr Games (even though I expect a nice meet), and the international stage is beyond my scope (and wallet).

    Still, given the heat in Olathe, I hope that a morning-evening schedule can be arranged (shutting down the meet at 12 noon each day and starting up again at 5:00 PM). This year, the hottest July day was 108 degrees, while last year (2011) it was only 105. Still, that is plenty hot, and I don’t think I will go to Olathe unless the time schedule can be modified from the standard in order to protect the athletes, officials, and spectators.

    This could be a terrific meet if we get protection from the sun and heat.

  9. Matt B. - November 16, 2012

    Peter. Agree. Split schedule like in Sac.

  10. David E. Ortman (M59) Seattle, WA - November 16, 2012

    Poster #6 implies that no dates have been set for the 2013 National Masters Outdoor Championships in Olathe, Kansas.

    The following website (which links to the USATF website)

    has the Olathe, KS 2013 meet dates as July 18-21. If this is not the case, this webpage should be corrected. If USATF does not know the dates of its 2013 National Masters Outdoor Championships or refused to post the information at:—Calendar/National-Championships.aspx?year=2013

    something is definitely wrong.

  11. Mary Harada - November 17, 2012

    At the moment none of the above looks good to me – well – ok – maybe NSG – Cleveland is a nice place to visit – and for me the schedule there is short. But Olathe – hum – Kansas in July or August – not very inviting to me. WMG – not a chance – as much as I love Italy – the entry fee is very high and the physical exam requirement is simply outrageous. I am indeed sorry that someone died in Sydney during the WMG there – but forcing everyone to undergo such testing will not achieve their desire – whoops – of course the point is to make sure no one sues them-silly me. IF they had an option for just buying some health insurance – or showing proof of health insurance – and maybe insurance to ship one’s body back home – that would be one thing – but imposing such testing will not prevent a death – it just drives up the cost of health care.
    Brazil – on the fence – it depends upon how much $$$ I spend on other travel – and now with a son and family now living in Australia – I have more interest in going there. The Aussies masters have a big track meet every year don’t they?

  12. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - November 18, 2012

    Yes, they do Mary. Their nationals are always over Easter weekend and rotate amongst the states and Canberra. Not sure where they are in the rotation at this point. Here’s a link to their website:

  13. Mary Harada - November 19, 2012

    Thanks Jerry: They have not posted anything about their annual Easter Weekend meet for 2013, but I looked at the website – maybe Canberra but maybe not. OMG is scheduled for Australia in 2014. It would be fun to combine a trip to see “the kids” with a Aussie national track meet – and that is a nice time to be in Australia in terms of weather. 2014 is too far ahead for me to plan, I am at the age when I no longer buy green bananas.

  14. tb - November 19, 2012

    Looks like Canberra. I don’t see any ambiguity.

  15. Viddy Jermacans - November 19, 2012

    Hi Mary: this is the actual Championships website
    It looks like it will be the last Easter National in Australia. From 2014 (in Hobart) the dates will probably be moved from Easter and the days reduced from 4 to 3 or 2/12. Cheers…. Viddy

  16. Mary Harada - November 20, 2012

    Thanks tb and Viddy – I looked at the Australian masters website awhile ago and did not see that link. I was pretty sure it would be Camberra judging from past history. Well now I need to convince my kids to put up with me for a few weeks – mid March to Mid April- and maybe make a trip to Canberra with me as well.
    This will give me an incentive to train a bit harder this winter and get in a few indoor meets here on the cold and often snowy right coast of the USA.

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