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Problems with Porto Alegre worlds? WMA prez signals concerns

Holding a world masters meet outside Europe, Aussieland or the Americas has been a dicey proposition. (Japanese worlds excepted.) But according to a year-end message from WMA President Stan Perkins, it appears 2013 worlds in Brazil could be a nightmare like 1997 Durban, South Africa. Read between the lines: “The Year 2012 is almost gone […]

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Masters records were denied national champs, London Olympians

It’s an article of faith that a record set at masters nationals is a slam dunk for ratification. Not this year. It’s also conventional wisdom that if your name is Charles Allie, Bob Lida, Jim Barrineau, Marie-Louise Michelsohn, Renee Henderson, Amy Acuff or Jamie Nieto, your marks are as good as gold. Think again. Those […]

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M90 legend Ralph Maxwell, battling cancer, keeps sense of humor

Ralph Maxwell, who gained fame beyond his M90 decathlon records when he read aloud his poem mocking Mitt Romney, now has another foe to poke fun at: cancer. He writes: “Well, yes, I had some tests done, and then outpatient surgery. Afterward, in his office, the Doc said, ‘I’ve got good news and bad. First, […]

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Kay Glynn is no featherweight in holiday greetings: That’s 160 lbs.!

Kay Glynn, looking forward to her 60th birthday this coming year, sends the latest in her series of legendary Christmas greetings from Iowa. Usually they feature her in the ice and snow. This one may require icing afterward. In any case, she’s again a role model for getting outside your comfort zone. Kay writes: “I […]

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Randy Sturgeon tackles the decathlon of disease: He fights cancer

Randy Sturgeon, the Sacramento-area publisher of National Masters News, shared the ups and downs of his decathlon training over several years. He never realized his “Miracle in Sacramento” dream at 2011 worlds, but his readers were enriched by the journey. Many people advised him on skill events, and he printed their ongoing advice. Now Randy […]

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George Cohen dies at 72; Masters Hall of Famer admired worldwide

In the late 1950s, George Cohen was a California high school track star. In the 1980s, he was a pioneering masters track record holder at middle distances, winning an M40 world title for 800 in 1981. In 2009, he was inducted into the USATF Masters Hall of Fame. And in 2010, he was my Southern […]

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Bob Lida to Usain Bolt: Keep it up, and you can run masters, too!

Bob Lida is as quick-witted as he is fast. Three weeks ago, he was accepting his award as IAAF Best Male Masters Athlete of 2012 at the 100th anniversary Gala of the IAAF. Let Bob take it from here: “So there I was in Barcelona, at the IAAF Best Athlete of the Year Awards — […]

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Kathy Martin, Joy Upshaw tell pride in joining Masters Hall of Fame

W60 distance legend Kathy Martin said: “What an honor and such heady company.” Joy Upshaw’s reaction to being named alongside Kathy and nine others to the USATF Masters Hall of Fame: “Wow! Really? That’s cool!” Kathy spoke for all when she said her induction “is a thrill and very humbling when I see the list […]

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Flash 100 could be worth $500 to winner, plus $100 bonus for WR

How’d you like to make $168,000 an hour for sprinting? Actually, that’s what 10.7 seconds of work is worth for a top prize of $500 at the Flash 100 invitational March 15-16 at San Diego State University. The event is being folded into the USATF Masters Invitational circuit overseen by Mark Cleary. And a rough […]

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March San Diego meet aims to crown world’s fastest 40+ sprinter

What would you think of a sprint summit of the fastest 40-plus male sprinters in the world, and a meet to decide the King of the Masters Hill? It’s no fantasy. In mid-March, organizers of the 35th annual Aztec Track & Field Invitational at San Diego State University hope to recruit the strongest field of […]

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