Problems with Porto Alegre worlds? WMA prez signals concerns

Stan Perkins

Holding a world masters meet outside Europe, Aussieland or the Americas has been a dicey proposition. (Japanese worlds excepted.) But according to a year-end message from WMA President Stan Perkins, it appears 2013 worlds in Brazil could be a nightmare like 1997 Durban, South Africa. Read between the lines: “The Year 2012 is almost gone and 2013 approaches with all of its challenges, including probably the greatest challenge that this body has ever had to face — a Stadia Championships in a Region that is probably not yet ready to host such a massive and difficult event,” Stan writes. “[WMA Secretary Winston Thomas] undertook a very tough assignment earlier this month when he attended Porto Alegre for ceremonial purposes but at the same time under very strict instruction to ‘get this organisation working.'” Yikes! I’ll try to get details on this. In the meantime, hope that Winston gets things sorted out.

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December 30, 2012

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  1. tb - December 30, 2012

    Also curious about this ‘well-known’ rift with Winston.

    Anyways, if you compete in order to travel, who cares if the meet is a mess? If, however, you travel in order to compete, could be an anxious summer.

  2. Anthony Treacher - December 30, 2012

    Some commercial rules:

    1. Don’t hint at boardroom differences.

    2. Don’t cast doubts about a coming product (Porto Alegre).

    3. Don’t insinuate that your international partner is disorganised.

    Get these clowns out of WMA soonest.

  3. John Stilbert - December 31, 2012

    Agree with Anthony.

  4. randolph - December 31, 2012

    from official WMA website (definition of “mascot”):

    The mascots or gimmiks normally are represented of form simple, and even caricatured. When presented with shorties are as human body parts as changed hands only four fingers, big nose, head bigger than the body eolhos popped.

    Studies show that pets should be represented preferably in a manner well clean, light, or highlighting only the most important parts and avoiding unnecessary detail in colors or props. regardless of the segment in which they are part, mascots, usually has his face showing his great joy in being representing that brand, are always lively and active performing some action.

  5. Anthony Treacher - January 3, 2013

    4. Don’t write corporate PR material in a foreign language.

    5. Don’t use a corporate mascot.

  6. Anthony Treacher - January 3, 2013

    Population: 1,500,000 inhabitants
    Average Height: 10 meters

  7. Norman Hough - January 3, 2013

    Agree with Anthony!
    I enjoyed all the travel and competing in world championships!

  8. Ken Effler - January 3, 2013

    Porto Alegre must be the land of giants…average height is over 30′ tall. Wow.

  9. gmerrill - January 3, 2013

    “Population: 1,500,000 inhabitants
    Average Height: 10 meters”

    Dang those people are tall.

  10. barry givens - January 5, 2013

    Typical garbage journalism. The last thing we need is the Worlds meet to be poopoohed on by Ken Stone when he has no idea how to organize a meet, let alone a World Champs meet. Look forward to my time in Brazil.

  11. Joseph Burleson - January 6, 2013

    Mr. Givens: Back off on criticizing Mr. Stone, of all people, on this matter. He deligently reports on these issues as they arise, and not out of ignorance. Having experienced the 1997 Worlds in Durban, South Africa, many of us know how terribly wrong the organization of these games can go; and even the most organized have some problems (except Eugene, which was near perfection). Better to publicize them now so that they can be addressed with civilized problem-solving and good will, and with plenty of time for all.

  12. barry givens - January 6, 2013

    He may be reporting on issues, but he shouldn’t be insinuating that the meet is going to fail either. We need to give Brazil a chance to get this right. Besides, it’s up to the LOC and WMA to get things right and I’m sure they will

  13. Anthony Treacher - January 7, 2013

    Barry. I think so too. I was surprised to receive a speedy and friendly response from the Porto Alegre organisers. They are addressing the issues. They seem to be very nice people and my guess is that everyone will have a great time in Porto Alegre.

  14. Anthony Treacher - January 10, 2013

    More on:

    4. Don’t write corporate PR material in a foreign language.

    a. Don’t – never, never, ever – use Google trans, Babelfish etc., to produce PR material in English.

    b. Don’t allow non-native English speaking personnel to write PR material in English.

    c. Do write PR material in your native language.

    d. Do pay a native English speaking translator to translate PR material to English.

    e. Do finally check all PR material using an English spellchecker.

  15. Anthony Treacher - January 11, 2013

    6. Don’t have two different Contact email addresses.

  16. Mike Fortunato - April 21, 2013

    Has anyone found the schedule of events in Porto Alegre? I don’t plan to spend two weeks in Brazil in October so I need to know when my events are scheduled. Thanks.

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