M45 miler Brad Barton seeks sub-4:20 indoor world record Saturday

Brad Barton, 46, has his sights set on taking down John Hinton’s M45 indoor mile WR of 4:20.18, set at the Hartshorne Miles in 2008. But Brad isn’t entered at this weekend’s Hartshorne meet in Ithaca, New York. Instead, he’ll try to go sub-4:20 at a meet in Idaho — at Boise State University. In an email shared with me, Brad — who works as a professional keynote speaker — asked for guidance on how to make application for a masters age-group record. He also noted his credentials: “I’m a former Weber State University NCAA All-American steeplechaser, 8:31.45, 1991.” He ran 4:25.92 in his season opener Jan. 11 on the boards at Idaho State University in a collegiate indoor meet (4,500 feet altitude). He also writes that he ran a flat 3000 at Utah State University (4,600 feet elevation) in mid-April 2012 in 8:53.12 and “because of a timing irregularity in the meet, I did not bother to submit this performance.” Here’s Brad:

Brad also wrote:

Any advice and counsel you or other interested parties could give me in this regard would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent considerable time looking at meets that might be a good fit. However, there are several variables to consider. Few meet directors have returned my call. It’s a bit like shooting in the dark as I don’t know these facilities, which ones are sanctioned and would fulfill other requirements, the level of competition, etc.

One meet that does have my attention is the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston. The February 2 date works well for my training cycle and there looks to be an invitational men’s masters mile. Please advise.

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January 17, 2013

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  1. peter taylor - January 18, 2013

    Brad, I would sign up for the NB Indoor Grand Prix, fly to Boston, get a hotel, take a cab or subway to the Reggie Lewis Center, and then run 4:20.17 or better for a world mark. This meet is part of the USATF Indoor Championship Series, and thus you should have no trouble gaining acceptance of your record. You will, however, need to apply to Sandy Pashkin of Eugene, Oregon.

    I would download an application for a masters track record from the USATF website (go to STATS and then to Records) and bring it with you, just in case it is not available at the meet. Ask meet management to fill out the key parts. Getting the signature of the Reggie Lewis track surveyor, which is required by the form, will be difficult, but I don’t think it will be needed for ratification.

    Ask meet management whether they will send in the record application or whether you should do that (I think it will be the latter). Make sure to include a document showing your date of birth. BTW, the track at “The Reggie” is banked.

    Note: I do not know the details of inviting runners for this event. I would call 617-536-7030; I hope you are not too late.

  2. peter taylor - January 18, 2013

    PS. I totally missed the fact that you are trying for the record in Boise this Saturday (it’s now 3:35 in the morning). If you don’t get it, THEN try to get into the Boston meet.

    Note to others: Later today I will be driving up to Ithaca, NY, for the Hartshorne Mile. Nolan Shaheed and Alisa Harvey will be two of the headliners.

  3. Liz Palmer - January 18, 2013

    Brad, the website http://www.nbindoorgrandprix.com/meet-info/
    says to call 1-877-849-8722 for more info. Hopefully you can get in. Best of luck!

  4. Adam C - January 18, 2013

    Didn’t Tony Young run a 4:13.25 mile at age 46?

  5. Ron Kochanowicz - January 18, 2013

    The guy you need to get in touch with is Steve Vaitones: svaitones@usatfne.org

    I’m getting a late start to my 2013 indoor campaign so I won’t make it to to Hartshorne or NB Indoor GP. Great mile events. Hope to see many of you in Maryland mid March.

  6. Ken Stone - January 18, 2013

    Good memory, Adam! Yes, Tony scorched a 4:13 indoors in 2009. I looked it up:

  7. Adam C - January 18, 2013

    So Tony Young’s 4:13.25 mile was never ratified?

  8. Ken Stone - January 18, 2013

    Tony’s 4:13 was on an “illegal for records” oversized track.

  9. Matt B. - January 19, 2013

    300-308 meter track I think. Either way it is still the record for that distance. Wasn’t ratified due to track size but better than Tony’s 4:16.09 outdoors at age 46 which of course is run on a 400 meter track.
    So how did Brad do? The results should be up soon.

  10. Liz Palmer - January 20, 2013

    Darn, he didn’t make it…4:21.58. Brad, go to Boston!

  11. Brad Barton - January 20, 2013

    Thank you all for your encouragement and counsel. I really felt like I gave myself a chance in Boise but was not able to close the deal.
    I was accepted into the Boston Grand Prix meet February 2. Thanks Liz and Peter! Sounds like the right meet and the right track to get this done.

    It’s sure fun to feel young again. (well, sort of…)

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