Brad Barton plans another try at M45 indoor mile WR in Boston

Brad at right leads field in Boise State mile. (Photo by Matt Garner)

Brad Barton, at right, leads the field in Boise State mile. (Photo by Matt Garner)

After coming pretty close to John Hinton’s M45 indoor mile world record 4:20.18) at Boise State, Brad Barton informs us that he’ll try again Feb. 2, writing: “I sure appreciate the encouragement and guidance I’ve received from your blog followers. I have been in contact with Steve Vaitones and he has invited me to Boston on February 2 for the Grand Prix Masters mile field he is putting together. Yesterday was fun in Boise. I think there’s still some more in the tank. Now I just have to stay healthy.” Brad also shared a blow-by-blow account of his Saturday mile: “The Idaho Center in Nampa is about 2,700 feet elevation. This is the same facility that hosted the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships a couple of years ago. It is a 200m banked Mondo surface track. I had the slowest seed in the fastest of three collegiate one-mile men’s heats. There were 10 other competitors in my heat.” Here’s Brad in Idaho:

Brad continued:

My first quarter was an uneven 64.65 (32.86 & 31.79). I relaxed to a 66.01 in quarter 2 for a 2:10.66 split. I stayed steady in quarter 3 at 66.45 = 3:17.11. My final effort was a 32.61 & 31.86 = 64.47 ( 2nd 1/2 = 2:10.92). Official time was = 4:21.58.

This looks to be a Masters PR for me as I believe it to be considerably stronger than my 4:05.71 1500 at altitude last spring before I broke my foot.

Brad is gunning for mile WR at a Feb. 2 meet. (Photo by Matt Garner)

Brad is gunning for mile WR at a Feb. 2 meet. (Photo by Matt Garner)

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January 20, 2013

4 Responses

  1. Ron Kochanowicz - January 21, 2013

    Brad, this is awesome. It’s great to see another man out there with 6 kids doing this crazy stuff! We’re pulling for you in Boston! Have Fun!

  2. peter taylor - January 21, 2013

    Absolutely amazing race by Brad. For the longest time he was out of contact with the field; while watching the video you can even imagine that he will drop out. Watch this race; you will not believe how he makes up ground against the young guys.

  3. Mark Cleary - January 21, 2013

    Nice race Brad-you pulled up on those college kids in the last 200- nicely done!

  4. Brett Hill - February 2, 2013

    The video above of Barton is at ISU not Boise State. Elevation in closer to 4700 ft.

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