Sweden’s superstar high jumper sets M75 indoor Världsrekord

Old straddlers never die. They just break their own records. So we see from Swedish press reports (relayed by Anthony Treacher). According to this Swedish site, barefoot-lead-leg Carl-Erik Särndal lifted his own M75 world indoor record in the high jump to 1.52 meters (4-11 3/4) in late January. Here’s the crappy Google translation: “It was in the district competitions Atleticum in Malmö this weekend as 75-year-old Carl-Erik Särndal struck and set the world record – one centimeter higher than the former at the 1.51. There he set himself a few weeks ago. It is unique that a 75-year-old can jump so high. He is way ahead of everyone else, says Magnus Andersson, active veteran athletes on the MAI in Malmö. Magnus Andersson also says that Carl-Erik Särndal a few years ago was named Europe’s best vereran-athlete. Särndal, former professor of statistics, vying for IFK Lund, but now lives in Ystad. In February waits indoor Championships in Karlskrona, later in the spring, he will compete in the European Championships in Spain.” The listed M75 indoor WR, BTW, is 1.41 (4-7 1/2) by Denmark’s Henry Andersen.

Six years ago, I wrote about Carl after he went 1.59 outdoors (just under 5-3). In the latest record, according to complete results, he jumped six heights on first try and made 1.48 and 1.52 on second tries.

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February 12, 2013

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  1. Matt McCubbins - February 13, 2013

    Tom Langenfeld has told me about this guy – cool to finally see some video!

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