Teams sought to race M70s, make possible a 4×800 WR at Armory

Want to rabbit a world record? That’s the request from Hal Lieberman in the Big Apple, who writes about an M70 attempt to crack the WR in the 4×800 relay on Tuesday, March 5. Hal is on the team that also includes the legendary Sid Howard, Norman Goluskin and Dom Rappazzo. He writes that this is part of the New York Road Runners-sponsored Night at the Races at the Armory track on 168th Street. Says Hal: “We need competition for the record to count. Hence, our request that you put this information out there in the hope of recruiting another team or two to compete against us. They don’t have to be over 70, of course.” The listed M70 record of 12:09.35 was set in March 2008 in Boston by Jerry LeVasseur, Christopher Rush, Joe Cordero and Bill Spencer. Here’s the track:

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February 22, 2013

7 Responses

  1. Gary Snyder - February 23, 2013

    Hi Sid,

    USATF Sanctioned event?

    Gary Snyder

  2. Ken Stone - February 23, 2013

    Me also worried about lack of sanction. Event not listed in USATF calendar. Armory should know better.

  3. Bill Pontius - February 24, 2013

    And what would a sanction mean? A fee paid to USATF and athlete insurance available. Anything else? Are we skeptical of the ability of the folks at the Armory to know how to run a 4X8? (no jokes about indoor nats, please).

  4. tony plaster - February 24, 2013

    will timeing be fat.?? 3 officials etc?? The TNAR meets have been hand timed all season. The Mid Atlantic meet mar 3 in Deleware has a 4×800…

  5. tony plaster - February 24, 2013

    does comment #1 above mean that records will only be approved from USATF sanctioned events?

  6. Gary Snyder - February 25, 2013

    Yes Tony – USATF is the governing body for T&F in the US and certifies all American and World records as following competition rules, certified officials were used, accurate timing etc.

    Gary Snyder
    National Chair
    USATF Masters T&F

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