Brad Barton crushes John Hinton’s M45 world indoor mile record

Brad Barton used a 62-second final quarter Saturday night to claim the M45 world record in the indoor mile, clocking 4:16.84 at the Armory track in New York, reports the Armory website. That mark falls short of Tony Young’s never-ratified 4:13.25 run four years ago on the dang oversized track at the University of Washington. But Brad ran the fastest mile indoor for eight laps, so his mark should stick. Afterward, he was quoted as saying: “I didn’t think I could run that fast.” The listed M45 indoor mile record is John Hinton’s 4:20.18 from 2008, which took more than a year to recognize. Also reporting Brad’s brilliant race was his hometown newspaper. Brad told the paper: “My first half-mile was running 2:10.0. The second half was 2:06.8. With 400 meters to go I knew I had the record. The announcer got the crowd into it and I really flew home. I thought I could run 4:19 but bested my own aspirations by well over 2 seconds and smash the previous record by over three seconds.”

Brad Barton at the Armory on his record-setting day.

Here’s the Armory story for posterity:

Brad Barton’s son, a Division I collegiate runner, made the mistake of calling his dad an “old man.”

Barton, once an All-American in the steeplechase at Weber State University in Utah, told him, “When you beat me in the mile, you can call me an old man.”

Well, dad has made it a lot tougher for his son. Running in the mile at the Columbia Final Qualifier on Saturday night at The Armory, Barton ran an age-group world record 4:16.84. Afterward he said, “I didn’t think I could run that fast.”

And with good reason. No one his age (46) had ever broken 4:20 before as the previous mark was 4:20.18 set by John Hinton in 2008. After hitting his 800- and 1,200-meter goals on the nose, he sprinted out a 62-second final 400 to beat a number of competitors half his age.

Barton, who lives in Ogden, Utah, has been chasing that mark for a while. He’d run 4:21.5 in Boise earlier this year and then gave ill-fated efforts in both Boston and Ithaca before finding success at The Armory.

His Saturday night run was also within a second of the age-group outdoor record (4:16.09, Tony Young, 2008), which brought a twinkle to his eye as he began thinking about his next record pursuit.

Barton’s recent run of success has been guided by the same man who guided him a quarter-century ago in college — USTFCCCA Hall of Famer Chick Hislop. Barton ran for Coach Hislop in the early 1990s, qualifying for NCAA Indoors twice and earning All-American status in the steeple in 1991. A few years ago when Barton told Hislop that he was still running 4:30, the coach urged him to see it through.

Now a professional speaker, Barton is sponsored by Get Air Sports, a company that constructs trampoline parks which have been popping up in the West and are now moving East. “The owner and founder is my neighbor,” he said.

Here’s the Standard-Examiner account for ditto:

Years ago, Ogden native Brad Barton thought his chances of breaking a world record had come and gone.

But Saturday night, 46-year-old Barton set a world record in the men’s master mile at the Columbia Final Qualifier at The Armory in New York. Most of the competitors in the men’s mile race were NCAA athletes attempting to qualify for the NCAA indoor championships, which is held next week.

The Columbia Final Qualifier was Barton’s fifth attempt this year to set a new world record. The previous USAFT indoor one-mile run wasters age group world record was 4:20.18, set in 2008 by John Hinton.

“I have struggled with injury and illness and haven’t felt right the last few weeks. But my coach made some important adjustments in my training schedule that seemed to make a difference,” Barton said. “I just felt great Saturday.”

Barton ran the first half of his race conservatively and then he really started moving in the second half picking off the college athletes one by one.

“My first half-mile was running 2:10.0 The second half was 2:06.8. With 400 meters to go I knew I had the record. The announcer got the crowd into it and I really flew home. I thought I could run 4:19 but bested my own aspirations by well over two seconds and smash the previous record by over three seconds,” Barton said.

His official time: 4:16.83.

Barton plans on competing in the 3,000 meters and the mile at the U.S. Masters Championships in Landover Md, on March 22-23. And, if he can stay healthy, he would like to try for the outdoor 1,500 meters American masters record.

“I’m thrilled to have been able to accomplish this long sought-after goal. As the fastest age group Masters miler in the world it would be fun to compete at the World Championships in Torino, Italy, this fall,” said Barton.

After college, Barton put his running career on hold to be a husband, father, author and professional speaker. In 2012, Barton decided to come out of retirement along with his former USATF Hall of Fame college coach Chick Hislop.

“In college I could run a 4-minute mile. I was just curious to see if I could even break a 5-minute mile,” Barton said.

Barton has a history of running fast. He was a member of the Weber State University track team, and in 1990 and 1991, he ran the mile in the NCAA indoor track & field championships. In 1991 he earned NCAA All-America honors in the 3,000-meter steeplechase. Barton also competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in 1992.

Barton is sponsored by Get Air, Trampoline Parks LLC – a Utah based company.

Results from the Armory site:

Mile run
Name Year School Seed Finals
1 Dawson, Owen unattached 4:02.48 4:00.49
2 Everett, Daniel Columbia 4:04.00 4:00.67
3 Korolev, Maksim Harvard 4:03.00 4:03.70
4 Dixon, Harvey Providence 4:07.00 4:05.68
5 Wade, Nick Cornell 4:00.00 4:05.95
6 Oakley, Julian Providence 4:07.00 4:06.01
7 Hatch, Charlie Cornell 4:10.00 4:06.51
8 Guarino, Josh Syracuse Chargers 4:08.92 4:07.11
9 Hillas, Tim Yale 4:05.43 4:07.26
10 Crits, Nick La Salle 4:04.32 4:07.29
11 Schilit, Jordan Haverford 4:03.00 4:07.58
12 Fitzgerald, Kevin unattached 4:05.17 4:07.65
13 Perry, Joshua Alpha Owls 4:05.50 4:08.32
14 Lederhouse, Michae unattached 4:07.00 4:08.69
15 Zillmann, Ryan Citius New York 4:10.00 4:09.14
16 Binford-Walsh, Tre unattached 4:10.57 4:09.85
17 Kubiak, Brett Gwynedd-Mercy 4:14.02 4:10.60
18 Pitts, Andrew New Balance 4:10.24 4:11.47
19 Gregorek, John Columbia 4:03.00 4:12.28
20 Gil, Ryan Georgetown 4:13.75 4:12.50
21 Schoedler, Miles Georgetown 4:18.25 4:12.60
22 Weinstein, Jeffrey NYAC 4:11.00 4:13.18
23 Skipper, Jason Richmond 4:15.69 4:13.48
24 Cousins, Tim Columbia 4:17.80 4:13.75
25 Arnold, Eric Unattached 4:11.00 4:14.85
26 Jones, Byron Columbia 4:06.00 4:15.01
27 Cawkwell, Philip NYAC 4:12.00 4:15.55
28 Saunders, Tyler Johns Hopkins 4:19.43 4:15.67
29 Jamieson, Carlos CPTC New Balance 4:07.00 4:16.30
30 Barton, Brad Get Air Sports 4:17.09 4:16.84
31 Frick, James Johns Hopkins 4:25.40 4:17.11
32 Zingsheim, Zach unattached 4:15.00 4:18.18
33 McGowan, John Yale 4:04.70 4:18.73
34 Grieco, Joseph unattached 4:12.00 4:20.04
35 Murnane, Daniel unattached 4:16.00 4:22.04
36 Pollina, John CPTC New Balance 4:25.12 4:23.39
37 Faherty, Brian unattached 4:15.00 4:26.45
— Furcht, Ben Georgetown 4:16.31 DNF

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March 4, 2013

15 Responses

  1. Peter Taylor - March 5, 2013

    I didn’t even know that Brad was intending to run in Landover in just over two weeks. Good. Will be wonderful to have a runner of his stature to add to the mix of superstars (including Olympians) at the big meet.

    I was part of the effort to get John Hinton’s 4:20.18 mark accepted. Wow, was that a prolonged struggle, even though it was set at the Hartshorne Mile, where multiple records had been set in the past.

    Ken, I wonder whether Brad’s record will be accepted. I counted 41 colleges and universities plus 6 clubs in this event, the Columbia Final Qualifier. Will someone deny acceptance on the grounds of no USATF sanction? Or was it sanctioned? Is the NCAA presumed to have sanctioned it? I have no idea.

  2. Liz Palmer - March 5, 2013

    This meet was sanctioned by the NCAA as a qualifying meet for the indoor national championships.
    There’s a mention of such about halfway down the page. I hope Brad gets in touch with Sandy Pashkin about getting this incredible mark accepted.

  3. Peter Taylor - March 5, 2013

    Excellent detective work, Liz. I believe that Brad is now well on his way to getting this mark accepted.

  4. Gary - March 5, 2013

    This is incredible. What a race..congrats!

  5. Ron Kochanowicz - March 6, 2013

    Congratulation Brad! Very cool! Seems we’ll get to meet in the 3000m at Indoor Nationals as it looks like M40 and M45 are being combined. Gonna be fun.

  6. Terry Parks - March 6, 2013

    Really impressive splits. Congratulations Brad!

  7. Brad Barton - March 7, 2013

    Thanks Terry, Peter, Gary, Ron and Liz.

    I sure appreciate your well wishing, encouragement and advice. I’ve got the paperwork with the necessary signatures in front of me and will contact Sandy Pashkin as per recommended. Thanks Liz.

    Ron, I look forward to working with you in Landover.

    According to race director Doug Binder, the Columbia Final Qualifier meet was sanctioned by the USATF. He told me they submitted the meet for sanction on the chance that Lopez Lomong could break the US 5000 m mark. If Lomong’s mark is recognized, mine probably should be as well.

  8. Peter Taylor - March 7, 2013

    Thanks, Brad. Well, an NCAA sanction is just as good if you don’t get the USATF sanction. I am 99% sure you will get the record approved.

    Your 3000 at Landover will really be something. Of course, in the overall scheme of things, Kevin Castille of Kentucky (M40) has to be a heavy favorite. As you know, Kevin ran 5000 outdoors last year in 14:00.09, which the last time I looked was 4:30.4 per mile. Yikes.

    Brad, I believe that you, the redoubtable Francis Burdett of Massachusetts, and several others will be strong contenders for the M45 gold. My main concern is that there are 25 entrants in your combined race, and there could be a lot of weaving, perhaps a little bumping, etc.

    Because you are an inspirational speaker as well as a great runner, Brad, I want to be on my toes when I announce you in Landover. But historically the acoustics have been poor there, and this year should not be an exception. Maybe you’ll be able to hear something like “Barton …… Weber State.”

  9. Ken Stone - March 9, 2013

    I have a great Q&A with Brad to post. Delayed by a busy week at Patch. Stay tuned.

  10. Brad Barton - March 11, 2013

    25 athletes on an indoor track 3K? I’ve never heard of such a thing. This will be a grand adventure. I think the advantage goes to those with great dance moves.
    I look forward to meeting you Peter.

  11. Peter Taylor - March 11, 2013

    Make that 26, Brad. They don’t list non-USATF athletes on the website, which shows 25 in your combined 3000 (M40 + M45). However, we must not forget Marco Colque of Bolivia, who is coming all the way from South America to run against you and assorted others in the 3000 (he is 46). That will be his only race, and I don’t think he wants to spoil his trip by letting you beat him.

    I will definitely say hello, but I think that the opening day (Friday) will be a tough one for me. There are nine 3000 runs and four 3000 racewalks on that day, quite a load. With a professional speaker like you, and with the highly regarded jazz musician Nolan Shaheed, acoustic guitarist Roger Pierce, and TV weatherperson Lisa Ryan all coming to the meet, I must do my best on the microphone to sound like a pro.

    This will be about my sixth or seventh time announcing at the Landover facility, and I have yet to have a good meet there. The major problem has been the acoustics. However, I am told on good authority that the acoustics may not be too bad this time around.

  12. Brad Barton - March 11, 2013

    Great news about Colque competing. I see his 2000 Sydney Marathon results but I know nothing more about him. Any idea how fit he is?

  13. Peter Taylor - March 11, 2013

    Brad, I look for Colque to run about 9:08 in Landover. As you know from your research, Thomas Lentz ran 8:59.24 to win the M45 race last year (in Bloomington). I doubt that Colque is as fast as Lentz, and Bloomington is faster than Landover. Lentz is not entered this year, and thus things should be good for you. Know nothing about Colque’s recent performances.

  14. Brad Barton - March 11, 2013

    Sounds great Peter. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Voots - February 14, 2015

    Record broken by John Trautmann 4:12:33 today at BU races. Great job John………

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