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Jim Selby, shy of 85, makes comeback from open-heart surgery

Our friend Jim Selby, a perennial nominee for the Masters Track Hall of Fame, is better known as the ironman of SoCal masters track. In his heyday of the 1990s and 2000s, as a middle-distance record-setter, he’d often enter a half-dozen running events at any given meet. But a year ago, he underwent open-heart surgery. […]

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Auto crash claims life of Arno Küppers, masters world TJ champ

Heinz Arno Kueppers, a two-time world masters champion in the triple jump who also competed for Germany on the world level, was killed June 17 when he crashed his Audi in the west-central town of Jülich, according to media reports. It took about nine days to identify his body via DNA analysis. His Facebook page […]

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Weekend world records: Pat Manson in vault, Bob Hewitt in dec

Under cloudy skies, my fellow Jayhawk Pat Manson erased the listed M45 world record in the vault [5.10] by Larry Jessee, whose earlier M40 18-footer was widely doubted. Video of Pat’s jump of 5.11 (16-9 1/4) is posted on Facebook. Mike Ritter in Colorado was the first to share the news: “Masters were vaulting at […]

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Orville Rogers flies in 400, crushes M95 WR by 21 seconds

Debbie Fetterman, a blogger on Dallas running, reports the latest record by M95 Orville Rogers: “He raced into the record books again at Saturday’s Texas Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Coppell High School. Rogers smashed the previous 400-meter world record by more than 20 seconds. Rogers ran the distance in 2 minutes, 17.45 […]

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1960s star Otis Burrell back high jumping — at Western Regionals

Otis Burrell, the No. 1-ranked American high jumper in 1965, 1966 and 1969, had a best of 2.19 meters (7-2 1/4) as a straddler. Although he competed last season, I wasn’t aware that he was back in the game until viewing results from the USATF Western Regional Masters Championships last weekend at Caltech. He turned […]

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Another June meet, another American record for Sue McDonald

Sue is insatiable. Her second W50 American record in the high jump this month came at Sunday’s USATF Western Regional Masters Championships at Caltech in Pasadena. Peter Hlavin, the M55 American record holder in the event, shared the video below, which I slowed down. You’ll note Sue’s runup wasn’t perfect. She appears to slow near […]

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New record-holder Sue McDonald mulls her first masters nationals

Sue McDonald turned 50 on March 29, so she was tanned, rested and ready for her HJ record quest less than three months later. In a quickie Q&A, she graciously shared details of her day at the Olympic Training Center southeast of San Diego: “I opened at 1.51, made that first attempt.  Went straight to […]

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Sue McDonald gets first goal: W50 American record in high jump

In February, Sue McDonald told her local newspaper that she was dedicating her training this year to breaking the W50 American and world records in the high jump. Mission accomplished on the AR. On June 8, competing in the San Diego-Imperial USATF Open Championships, Sue cleared 1.56 meters (5-1 1/4). That topped the listed AR […]

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Wooohooo! I’m in Olathe finals of 100, 200, 400 hurdles and HJ

Or maybe not. With two days until the “on-time” deadline for Olathe masters nationals, the Status of Entries says I’m among only six or seven M55 entrants in the 1, 2 and 4H (I just coined that). I’m also set for a ribbon in the high jump, if fourth-place awards are given. Of course, others […]

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Mary Cain still not as fast as our best masters milers at Portland

Yeah, yeah. Mary Cain is the second coming of Mary Decker. No doubt Mary 2.0 will be a player at the world level, especially with Alberto Salazar as her coach. But on the same day (and track) that she added the 5K high school record to her portfolio, the masters mile winner cranked out a […]

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