Kathy Martin mauls W60 world record in mile with stunning 5:42

Hall of Famer Kathy Martin, 61, has won so many honors she almost ceases to surprise. She took the 10K at Olathe nationals in an American record 41:10.57 — 33 seconds better than the listed W60 best. No sweat. But that was but a warmup for her latest shocker. At Valley Stream North High School in Franklin Square, New York, she ran a mile Wednesday in 5:42.62. That’s the word from USATF Long Island Masters Chairman Rob Lemke. How good is 5:42? The listed W55 American record is 5:46.8. Rob graciously writes: “Kathy Martin beat the listed W60-64 World Record for the mile at a USATF-LI Summer Series meet. … The listed time is 5:48.94 by Gerda Van Kooten of the Netherlands in 1999. The listed American record is 5:57.39 by Marie Michelsohn in 2002. As Kathy is no stranger to record setting, I believe she got all the documentation she needs to have the record approved.”

Kathy enjoyed watching other honorees at the Olathe athletes banquet.

Kathy enjoyed watching other honorees at the Olathe athletes banquet.

OK, so all Kathy did was average 1:25.65 a quarter-mile, a little bit longer than 400 meters. At Olathe, 1:25 would have won bronze in the 400!

She probably didn’t enter the Olathe 400 because she was busy winning the 800 (2:44.12), 1500 (5:30.68) and 5000 (19:43.53).

On the Age-Graded Tables, 5:42.62 is equivalent to an open (age 20-30) time of 4:08. The actual women’s mile record is Svetlana Masterkova’s 4:12.56.

Rob says full results have not yet been posted, but will provide the link. Here’s where meet results are archived.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but note the winner of the Ironwoman Prize at Olathe — Flo Meiler of Vermont.

Here’s what her local paper said:

Flo Meiler of Shelburne and Barb Jordan of South Burlington competed at the USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Olatha, Kansas July 11-14.

Hot it was, 93 degrees, and so were they. Meiler won 14 medals. Eight gold medals: Pentathlon (five events), long jump, pole vault, discus, 80m short hurdles, 200m long hurdles, 200m run, and 4×100 relay. Five silver medals: hammer throw, 100m run, triple jump, high jump, and weight throw plus a bronze medal in shot put. Jordan won six medals. Three gold: 100m run, triple jump, and 4×100 relay. Two silver medals: 200m run and long jump and a bronze in the high jump.

Barb Jordan (left) and Flo Meiler of Shelburne at a previous masters event.

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July 18, 2013

5 Responses

  1. Christel Donley - July 19, 2013

    Ken, thanks for publishing the article on Johnnye,
    what a great woman! AND she is responsible to show us
    ( actually demand!) to stand up tall and point our feet a certain way – to be more photogenic! Point well taken, thanks Johnnye!

    See you in Berea!

  2. Henry - July 19, 2013

    Amazing!!! Such stellar performances, very inspiring Kathy, Flo, & Barb. Long may you run, jump, & throw.

  3. Ken stone - July 19, 2013

    CNN has long interview with Flo:

  4. Peter Taylor - July 19, 2013

    Good “glam shot” of Kathy Martin. What group is she in again, W40? What, she’s 61? Running has been good to Kathy.

  5. Levasseur - July 19, 2013

    Agree with you. 61 must be a typo error.