Bard Barton lowers own steeple AR, falls short of world record

Two months ago, Brad Barton of Ogden, Utah, broke a 37-year-old American record in the M45 steeple. Saturday in Seattle, he shot for the world record but fell 1.5 seconds short. In the process, however, he became the fastest steepler over 40 in U.S. history (by bettering the listed M40 record). Kathy Martin and Nadine O’Connor have done this (beating younger age-group records), but it’s exceedingly rare on the male side. Former USATF masters chair George Mathews was the first to report Brad’s mark, writing Brad “entered the annual Seattle Classic, Masters/Open meet on Saturday, July 20, in an attempt to break the existing world record for the men’s 45-9 3000m steeplechase of 9:16.1. Brad fell just short on a very cool, misty morning with a time of 9:17.59.”

Jeff Rodeman photo of Brad during WR attempt at the Seattle Masters Classic.

Jeff Rodeman photo of Brad during WR try at Seattle Masters Classic.

Barton added details with a follow-up note, press-release style:

Former Weber State University NCAA All-American Brad Barton broke his own 9-week-old American 3000 meter Steeplechase record, posting 9:17.59. His 45-49 age group performance also bests Hal Higdon’s 40-45 record of 9:18.6 set in 1975 in Toronto, CAN. This makes Barton the fastest over-40 steeplechaser in US history. Barton is also the current age group world record holder for the Men’s Masters Indoor Mile.

“The goal was to break three records today,” Barton said. “My coach, Chick Hislop, and I planned to claim my own American record, the over-40 Masters record and Nils Undersaker’s [NOR] 1984 world record. So close, so close!” Barton missed the world record by 1.5 seconds.

“Huge thank you to Seattle Masters Classic meet director George Mathews. He and his terrific team of certified officials really went out of their way to give me a shot at this today” Barton said.

Barton also gives credit to his sponsors. “Much of the credit belongs to my corporate sponsors, Get Air Sports, Get Away Today, iRun, ASEA, Whipple Service Champions, Calton-Harrison Clinic and Ogden’s GOAL Foundation” Barton said. “I really have a great team behind me.”

Barton next travels to Torino, Italy to compete in the World Masters Games August 3 through 9, 2013. He hopes to win the 3000 m Steeplechase and 1500 m titles.

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July 21, 2013

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  1. tOnY yOuNg - July 23, 2013

    Wow! Right in my back yard and i missed an effort like that?!! That is hauling for a solo effort.

    Congrats Brad

  2. Matt B. - July 23, 2013

    8:30.45 at age 35 in 2004 Sacramento
    Sandu Rebenciuc will be 45 next year. Wonder if this will inspire him to go after the record.
    He was second at the club Cross country champs a couple of years ago and 10th last year. He did run a 4:29 mile in December last year as well, so it is not like he hasn’t been running.

  3. Sandu - September 21, 2013

    I’d love to give 9.16 a try, if I could just stay fit through the winter. I don’t have access to an indoor facility where I am, and last year the New Hampshire winter kicked my but. If I manage to reach spring with healthy hamstrings, I will look for opportunities.
    And of course, congrats Brad! I think I briefly met you last year, at the Boston Indoor Games.

  4. Brad Barton - September 23, 2013

    It would be fun to take a run at 9:16 together. Let’s keep in touch on this. Perhaps we can arrange it. Hope to see you again in Boston in Feb. I’m dealing with my own hamstring issues right now.
    Take care Sandu.

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