Legendary Joe Keshmiri’s M60 shot record falls to Quenton Torbert

Joe had masters records and a full life.

In my rush to celebrate Laurie Rugenstein’s mile world record (unlikely to be ratified), I overlooked another 60-something’s record: Quenton Torbert threw the 5-kilo shot 16.67 meters (54-8 1/4). The mark at the Mid-America USATF regional meet in Fort Collins, Colorado, beat the listed M60 American record of 16.46 (54-0) by the late throwing legend Joe Keshmiri in 1998, a year before he died. And anyone who beats a Keshmiri record has to be awesome. His age group also is supercompetitive. Quenton has been national champion the past few years, throwing 16.36 (53 8 1/4) at Olathe. The listed M60 world record is 18.37 (60-3 1/4) by Germany’s Klaus Liedtke in 2001. But many throwers suspect that was a dope-fueled mark, since Klaus later was suspended after a positive drug test. Still, Quenton would rank fourth on the all-time M60 list kept at mastersathletics.net. And on the Age-Graded Tables, 16.67 at age 61 is worth 21.77 (71-5 1/4) with the 16-pound shot. Not too shabby. So kudos to Quenton! Anyone have his email address?

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September 12, 2013

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  1. Jeff Davison - September 12, 2013

    Love the head stone.

  2. ken stone - September 12, 2013

    Doug Torbert sent me a note, so I’ll have an interview with him soon.

  3. Mark Cleary - September 13, 2013

    Ken, I have Quenton’s contact information he is on my club

  4. Tim Muller - September 14, 2013

    Doug “graduated” into the M60 group last year and quickly established himself as a great shotputter. I love competing against him and I had no doubt he would grab the AR this year after going head-to-head in Olathe! Congratulations, Doug!

  5. Tom Fahey - September 29, 2013

    Joe was a great thrower and a true character. I knew him when he was a thrower at the University of Nevada, and we remained friends until he died. We had dinner together in Eugene after a meet and talked about going to Utah to throw together that October. He called in August and told me he wasn’t feeling well and that we would throw together the following spring. He never made it.

  6. john nespoli - March 5, 2014

    I’ll be hitting sixty this year, time to give Quinton Tolbert some compitition. Picked up a 5k the other day and threw for the first time in three years, haven’t touched a weight in three years also.
    Hit 15.5 from a stand throw and fell in love with the 5k. Mr.Quinton Tolbert, I admire you, I respect you, I will push you. Right now , you are my hero.

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