Albuquerque, Michigan sites chosen to host 2016 masters nationals

Marilyn Mitchell reports from the USATF annual meeting in Indy that Albuquerque (sole bidder) has been awarded the 2016 indoor masters nationals. “Dates not yet chosen,” she writes.  “Looks as though it will be mid- to late-February or early March 2014.” The 2016 outdoor masters nationals went to Grand Rapids, Michigan, which beat out a bid from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LSU).  “Dates not yet set,” Marilyn says. “In both cases, the USATF Masters Committee is awaiting verification of final dates on other meets before establishing the masters’ dates.” The Michigan meet apparently is at Grand Valley State University, which also boasts a big fieldhouse with an indoor track (hope we can warm up there.) Grand Valley is actually 12 miles west of Grand Rapids — in Allendale, Michigan. Albuquerque last hosted indoor nationals in 2011, and it took a beating for timing snafus that cost folks a number of 60-meter and other records. That shouldn’t happen again, given new policies tightening who can do the timing. East Lansing 1995 nats (my first) were the last nationals held in the Wolverine State.

Grand Valley is the Lakers, so track is blue. Indoor track is spiffy, too.

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December 7, 2013

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  1. Bob White - December 8, 2013

    In addition to Grand Rapids, several cities on Lake Michigan (Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Holland) also have hotel/motel rooms and are within 30 miles or so of Allendale. Very popular spot for the Chicago crowd in the summer, so book early. Rent a car and enjoy the Middle Coast while you are here!

  2. Mary Harada - December 9, 2013

    Count me out for Albuquerque – once was enough for me. As a middle distance runner – the altitude is just a killer. Unless I can learn to sprint, I will not spend the money nor the time to go again and just fade away gasping for breath. I am sorry to have to say that as I will be in a new age group in 2016.
    and for those of you who will write that so many records were set (although not necessarily ratified) at the meet in Albuquerque in 2011. yes – for sprints,jumps,and throws where thin air helps. I live a sea level and the older one gets, the more difficult it is to adapt to much altitude. Add exercise-induced asthma – just a disaster for me for the 800, 1500, and 3k.
    Grand Valley sounds nice – have not been to that area and the heat and humidity could be better than Baton Rouge – but there is never a guarantee about that.

  3. Sarah - December 10, 2013

    I did my undergrad at GVSU. I think you’ll find the facilities pretty nice. It will be hot during the summer-it’s Michigan that’s a given. You could stay in Grand Rapids, Grandville, Jenison or on the lakeshore so there’s lots of options but the lakeshore will be busier to book so do so early (or see if you can rent a cottage).
    Flying in and out of Ford is pretty easy and highway access is within a couple miles (and exceptionally easy to find). Chicago and Minneapolis will be your major hub airports in from the west coast-I’d use MSP before O’hare. There are more direct flights, but it can be limiting. GVSU’s campus is about an hour or so from the airport. M-45 is your way in/out. You’ll find no shortage of good food and great beer, too.

  4. Fidel - December 11, 2013

    Thanks Sarah. And, thanks for the Top 10 US Travel destinations link on FB:

  5. Fidel - December 11, 2013

    Forgot to mention that Grand Rapids is ranked #1.

  6. Peter Taylor - March 2, 2014

    I’m very interested in Grand Rapids and hope I’m selected to announce at the meet (in Allendale). Let me check the average highs and lows for Grand Rapids in July and August, will be right back.

    OK, for July the average high is 83, low of 62. For August, 81 and 61. Sounds very similar to Bangor, Maine, albeit Grand Rapids is a tad warmer. For Bangor the numbers are 79 and 58 for July and 78 and 56 for August.

    I’m ready.

  7. Rob Jackson - July 24, 2015

    Can anyone out there give me an idea how much a package deal would cost- air/car rental for Grand Rapids Nationals. Thanks.I really hope Pete Taylor gets selected to announce the meet. No one and I mean no one knows masters athletes running stats and history better than him. It’s a no brainer who should calling the meet from the microphone. He’s the MAN!!!!!!

  8. Rob Jackson - July 24, 2015

    I am sorry I missed out on Nationals in Jacksonville The winning time in the 800 65-69 men-2:36 I ran 2:27 for the #1 ranking in the U.S. 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t afford to come. And according to the entries in the 400 other than Charles Allie I could have gotten the silver. My long life wish for the past 35yrs was to win a National Gold medal.I will be in Grand Rapids if my lord and savior grants me my health and leg 400 in Raleigh was 62.16.I am on “GoFundMe”

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