Kathy Martin, Oscar Peyton marks among 9 new last-minute records

Oscar Peyton is hugged after beating Bill Collins in the Olathe 200.

Nobody’s perfect, so it’s no surprise that Sandy Pashkin’s list of USATF masters records nominations fell short. But the official list of ratified records shows nine that escaped Sandy’s notice or nod. Among them were Kathy Martin’s W60 outdoor mile record of 5:42.65, Oscar Peyton’s M60 outdoor 200 record of 24.23 and Ty Brown’s M65 hurdles record of 15.20. Which begs the question: How did Sandy miss these originally? Or why did she reject them? The annual meeting in Indy was supposed to have discussed how to improve the MTF records system, based on the Steve Robbins committee report. Anyone have a summary of what executive actions Gary Snyder took? What changes are expected after 2014 annual meeting in Anaheim? Also, check out the Document Library for masters reports. For example, Masters Invitational czar Mark Cleary says the USATF open nationals will have a 100-meter women’s exhibition and a men’s 400 hurdles race (or possibly a 1500). For those interested in rules changes, see the final scorecard. Original proposals are here.
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December 9, 2013

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  1. Tony Echeandia Gonzalez - December 9, 2013

    400 Hurdles? Really? I’d run that.

  2. Terry Ballou - December 9, 2013

    HI Ken
    It looks like the exhibition masters events for indoors 2014 will be a 1500 for the women and 60m for the men. I wish they would run a true indoor-only event, like a 300 or 1000…I know masters don’t race these distances much, but it would be fun to re-visit events many of us ran frequently in college!

  3. Jeff Davison - December 9, 2013

    Rumor right or wrong ….
    I heard months ago that the 2013 Convention was hoped to lay some ground for potential methods of what to do for the records. Apparantly 2013 was not a rule year, hence rules changes could not happen until 2014.

    Sorry wasn’t there this year.

  4. Don Drummond - December 12, 2013

    400 Hurdles
    Will start training for 2014

  5. steph - December 13, 2013

    400 Hurdles……I did a little hurdling in college ….few workouts anyway ….I will add hurdling the mighty Saguaro …..or maybe the barrel cactus to my eclectic workouts on South Mountain …so maybe a 600 meter run up the Mountain hurdling rocks as I go…..Wait, I think I have been training for the 400 hurdles all along but did not know it!
    Chilly day in Arizona today….63 degrees hahah


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