Ahmad Shabazz gets day in the sun: M65 sprinter is profiled

IAAF World Best Charles Allie smoked the track last July in Berea, Ohio, at the National Senior Games. Far behind in the M65 100 was Ahmad Faheem Shabazz, a former star and coach of the U.S. Army Rangers indoor and outdoor track teams. Ahmad ran 15.05, almost 3 seconds behind Charles. But he still deserved this recent article in his South Carolina paper. “After retiring from the public school system of South Carolina and his own private consultant business, Shabazz, in the year 2008, began participating on the seniors/masters track and field circuit,” the story reported. “Despite missing the entire 2010 season due to a severe injury and three surgeries in 2013, Shabazz, since 2008, has won gold medals in 13 senior Olympic events.”

Ahmad Shabazz is shown winning the 100 at the Georgia Golden Olympics.

The article also notes M50 training partner Paul Sabree and concludes: “Sabree and Shabazz plan to add to their repertoire for the 2014 season. Shabazz in the pole vault and Sabree in the high jump. They are inviting/challenging all Anderson County seniors, male and female, ages 50 and older to join them in representing our county!”

Gotta love this.

You don’t have to be Olga Kotelko to inspire folks to run and jump. Go Ahmad and Paul!

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January 8, 2014

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