Happy 95th birthday to the Italian Sprint Stallion: Ugo Sansonetti

Ugo dressed for diving.

This Italian track site reports: “Ugo Sansonetti today celebrates 95 years. One of the veterans of master Italian cut yet another milestone of a lifetime sport that has seen him put together a vast collection of medals and international records category. Born in Rome on 10 January 1919, Sansonetti has ten children, twenty-five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Two years ago, a femur injury forced him to stop, but recovered in adequate physical condition of the irresistible passion for sport dragged him into a new adventure: “In 2012  – he says with pride – I have tried in diving the World Masters Swimming, experimenting with the trampoline by 10 meters. since I dive with the best in the backward somersault. Otherwise, I never stopped training and keep myself in shape because I have a great desire to get back on starting blocks of 60 meters at the forthcoming Italian Masters Championships Indoor in Ancona (7-9 March ed).” Here’s Ugo winning the 100 at Lahti worlds. (I’m seen briefly with camera and backward ballcap at 1:30 of the clip. I’m behind the camera boom.)

The article continues:

In athletics, however, the true passion of Sansonetti, registered with the Romatletica, is the speed and also the specialties in career gave him more satisfaction. Suffice it to say that in 2011 (92 years!) Still ran the 60 meters in 11.83 and 100 in 19:39 (also with 2.3 meters of the wind against!). The secret of such longevity? Is he in the title of one of the three books of which he is the author Sansonetti, “Do not ever stop.”

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January 10, 2014

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  1. Tom Phillips - January 11, 2014

    A great man, a great gentleman too. I was in the call-room before that race, Ken, for a later final. Ugo entertained us by singing opera.

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