Discount Team USA hotel in the works for Budapest worlds

Gary runs sprints, too.

Gary Snyder, USATF national masters chair, reports that he’s in final arrangements with USATF Indy HQ for a Team USA hotel at Budapest worlds in March. “Plan is to announce the final details on Thursday, January 16th, for booking through an agency,” he writes. “Very nice hotel about 15 minutes from the track via the subway line. Double rooms will be less than 90 euros – breakfast and internet included. Even if you’re not staying there, it will a place for Americans to gather and socialize but also find myself and the team managers etc.” Watch the comments below for updated info, and if you have questions, write to Gary. I’ve also had a request from multi-event star Dave Ortman of Seattle, who writes: “I’ve booked a ticket to Boston Indoors (March 14-16 Thus/Fri/Sat/Sun nites). If you hear of anyone wanted to split a cheap room, let me know.” Write Dave directly, or post a note on the Forums.

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January 10, 2014

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  1. Bill Newsham - January 11, 2014

    Feb 3rd reg cutoff isn’t that far off. I’m curious where we might see current registrations/seeds.

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