Berra, Pritchett, Shaheed among top performers at Hartshorne

Tom Phillips photo of UK star Bernadine Pritchett at Helsinki meet.

Pennsylvania’s Nick Berra, won his first M40 Hartshorne masters mile since 2010, clocking 4:25.09, and London’s Bernadine Pritchett, 47, won the women’s elite race in 5:17.53 as dozens turned in great efforts Saturday at Cornell University’s Barton Hall indoor meet in Ithaca, New York. The top 50-plus woman was Marisa Sutera Strange of Pleasant Valley, New York (5:32.01). Alan Wells of Orlando won the men’s 50-plus race in 4:52.86. But the top age-graded miler among the men was 64-year-old Nolan Shaheed of California, whose 5:03.07 was graded 94.64 percent. The top age-graded woman was 62-year-old Coreen Steinbach of Pompey, New York, whose 6:20.77 was worth 92.65 percent. Bernadine — coached by the late legend Frank Horwill — has run the Hartshorne at least twice before, in 2012 and 2010, when she traveled the farthest. Here are results as an Excel file, thanks to meet director Tom Hartshorne.

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January 25, 2014

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  1. Julie Hayden - January 25, 2014

    Congratulations to all the runners! I am sure the event was up to Tom’s usual high standards. I hope that you are enjoying celebrating your races and dancing the night away. Don’t exhaust Peter Taylor too much Lorraine & Julie Hankin. Remember he has to drive all the way back to Northern Virginia tomorrow!

  2. Peter Taylor - January 26, 2014

    Lorraine Jasper, Julie Hayden, and Bernadine Pritchett (photo) were among the top dancers at the party, with all three of them really “styling.”

    In terms of the racing, the men’s 40+ elite was dramatic, to say the least. Defending champion Scott Weeks, a local favorite, led for much of the way, with Chris Blondin and Peter Brady giving chase. Nick Berra and Mark “Hot Rod” Williams were next in line.

    On the final lap, however, everything changed, as Berra rushed up to pass Scott Weeks on the inside while Mark Williams went by him on the outside. Now the race was really on, with Berra outfinishing Williams to get the title.

  3. Peter Taylor - January 26, 2014

    I meant Julie Hankin, of course, not Julie Hayden. It’s only 6:39 in the morning, for crying out loud. Julie Hankin is 49 going on 20 and won the prize for best outfit. Of course, I was the only voter.

  4. JimS - January 26, 2014

    What a great meet. This Masters competition started way back in 1968 and has been run every year since. 2014 was the 47th year. How many events last that long? Very few! Congratulations to Tom Hartshorne, others, and the sponsors for their contributions in keeping this event going.

  5. AlexB - January 28, 2014

    M40-49 video up on YouTube

  6. Ken Stone - January 28, 2014

    Great job, Alex! Love the narration and splits.

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