Mike Galoob wins masters mile at New Balance day after birthday

newbalanceRhode Island runner Mike Galoob turned 40 on Friday and celebrated Saturday at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Saturday at the the site of Boston indoor nationals next month. He won the masters mile in 4:23.48, beating 1992 Olympian and M45 John Trautmann by less than a second. “I knew if I took the lead early, I had a good enough kick that I could hold people off,” Mike said. “I knew they all had good speed, so I had to get out there and be out of reach.” Results are here. John’s mark, however, is but 7 seconds off Brad Barton’s 4:16.83 world indoor record from 2013. Mike appears to excel at longer races on the road, according to this site. In the elite mile, Galen Rupp quit with two laps to go with what he said was a sore left leg. What a wuss.

Here are results from Roxbury:

1 Mike Galoob Una 4:23.48
2 John Trautmann Una 4:24.20
3 Peter Brady Una 4:24.60
4 Lance Elliot Una 4:25.14
5 Mark Williams Una 4:25.94
6 Tom Nohilly Una 4:27.18
7 Chris Blondin Una 4:29.34
8 Ron Kochanowicz Una 4:36.19
9 Chris Chisholm Una 4:38.19
10 Jason Cakouros Una 4:47.15
11 Titus Mutinda Una 4:47.44

A week from today is Millrose Games at the New Balance Track and Field Center at the Armory in Manhattan.

Masters events are these:

1:09 Masters Men/Women M 60+, W 4x400m

1:15 Masters Men M 40+ 4x400m

1:41 Masters Men M 50+ 4x400m

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February 8, 2014

5 Responses

  1. Peter Taylor - February 9, 2014

    Nice to see the masters “representing” by getting seven runners under 4:30. Three of the seven were in the Hartshorne Mile two weekends ago, and all three improved their times:

    Peter Brady from 4:28.91 to 4:24.60
    Mark Williams from 4:26.15 to 4:25.94
    Chris Blondin from 4:32.14 to 4:29.34

    I certainly hope that all 11 men will return to Boston for our nationals in March. If we could get another 195 milers, for a total of 206, that would be nice. Last year, Landover, with a flat track, attracted 205 milers.

    Regular entry for Boston closes soon (21st of this month). After that there is a $50 penalty.

  2. Matt B. - February 9, 2014

    No Charlie Kern? Doesn’t he have the record here? Turns 45 soon I think. Ran some great indoor times a couple of years ago, including a 4:16 indoor mile.

  3. Steve Vaitones - February 10, 2014

    Ken wrote:
    “In the elite mile, Galen Rupp quit with two laps to go with what he said was a sore left leg. What a wuss.”
    Truly written like someone who has never been at that level of competition.

    Rupp’s winter plan has been to compete at the World Indoor. So he injures himself in finishing a mid-season mile because he doesn’t want to be “a wuss” by Ken Stone, and is unable to run USA or Worlds. Or he finishes in 4:10 and gets hammered for not running what folks think should be an easy for him sub-4:00. Then he’s under greater criticism by the track community.

    I’ll accept Galen’s reasons for not finishing, and admire his abilities.

  4. Ken Stone - February 10, 2014

    It was a joke, Steve.

  5. Joseph Burleson - February 11, 2014

    Come on Steve, the statement was ironic. You are a respected authority and tireless professional known by many. So is Ken. This whole website is peopled by those in the know. So: Rupp is cool, no question.

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