Millrose Games tickets through the roof, so what’s the good cause?

Armory awaits masters and the kids.

Matt McCue of Runner’s World celebrates the sellout of Saturday’s Millrose Games — and its high ticket prices. Matt writes: “Three-fourths of the 5,000 seats at The Armory cost between $80 and $180. (The latter has increased from $65-$145 in 2012.)” He excuses the inflation because it’s Noo Yawk and “the Armory is a non-profit, so the money does find its ways back into the sport for athlete development rather than, say, funding some NBA player’s salary at the Garden. Millrose Games tickets sales help to subsidize the other 100 or so track and field meets The Armory puts on each year for everyone from middle schools to masters runners.” Right. Please tell me how masters benefit from Armory charity. Anyone?

In any case, here are the masters entered in this year’s Millrose:

Event 9A Women 4×400 Meter Relay Masters
Saturday 2/15/2014 – 12:30 PM
1 Athena Track Club ‘A’
1) Debra Hoffman 2) Joan Hunter
3) Lorraine Jasper 4) Julie Hayden
2 Athena Track Club ‘B’
1) Marisa Sutera Strange 2) Wendi Glassman
3) Besty Stewart 4) Kathy Haubrich
3 CPTC New Balance ‘A’
1) Wanda Wang 2) Michele Cameron
3) Ani Go 4) Nicole Rodriquez
4 Mass Velocity TC ‘A’
1) Beth Clark 2) Becky Connolly
3) Sue McCarthy 4) Ginny Richburg
5 Mizuno Runner’s High ‘A’
1) Karen Charles 2) Diane DeOliveira
3) Susan Sarn 4) Christy DeFilippis
6 Northport RC ‘A’
1) Darlene Ritchie 2) Nancy Tantone
3) Kat Hankinson 4) Vicki Fox

Event 9B Men 4×400 Meter Relay Masters 60+
Saturday 2/15/2014 – 5:00 PM
1 CPTC New Balance ‘A’
1) Bill Allert 2) Hank Schiffman
3) Hal Lieberman 4) Allan Dias
2 Mass Velocity TC ‘A’
1) Tucker Taft 2) Warren Graff
3) Ralph Souppa 4) Roger Pierce
3 Shore Athletic Club ‘A’
1) Rick Lapp 2) Ronville Gravesande
3) Noah Perlis 4) Tony Plaster

Event 10 Men 4×400 Meter Relay Masters
Saturday 2/15/2014 – 12:30 PM
1 CPTC New Balance ‘A’
1) Peter Brady 2) Andrew Hogue
3) David Peters 4) Neil Fitzgerald
2 D.C. Capitol TC ‘A’
1) Tim Moore 2) John Curtis
3) Manuel Joseph 4) Rodney Timpson
3 Greater Philadelphia TC ‘A’
1) Nick Berra 2) Delvin Dinkins
3) Scott Landis 4) Nick Damalas
4 Mass Velocity TC ‘A’
1) Barney Borromeo 2) Langley Proctor
3) Dave Neumann 4) Bill Kinahan
5 Prospect Park TC ‘A’
1) Doug Briggs 2) Justin Burke
3) Scot Spratford 4) Andrei Fluerasu
6 Southwest Sprinters TC ‘A’
1) Ed Winslow 2) Marek Wensel
3) John Cormier 4) Khalid Muluzim
7 TNT International RC ‘A’
1) Dave Bynoe 2) Junior Hyman
3) DeWayne Hudson 4) Ulrick Exantus

Event 14 Men 4×400 Meter Relay Masters +50
Saturday 2/15/2014 – 12:30 PM
1 2nd Wind Track Club ‘A’
1) Jim Reilly 2) Silas Murray
3) Donald Archer 4) Stephen Gould
2 Greater Philadelphia TC ‘A’
1) David Richard 2) Ray Parker
3) Bruce Rash 4) Daryl Johnson
3 Greater Philadelphia TC ‘B’
1) John Patterson 2) Carl Stocking
3) Sean Smith 4) Brandon Newell
4 Mass Velocity TC ‘A’
1) Steve Gorriaran 2) Charlie Kelley
3) Tom Gillen 4) Dave Neumann
5 Shore Athletic Club ‘A’
1) Bob Andrews 2) Tom Cawley
3) Scott Clark 4) Matt Wallack

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February 14, 2014

8 Responses

  1. al cestero - February 14, 2014

    well…it is nyc , and it is a small venue (relatively speaking) so…. on one hand i’m happy to see it sold out, proving that there are people willing to pay high prices, sort of like the olympics…but on the other hand, many lovers of the sport missed it because of the prices…proving darwins theory of survival of the richest…!

  2. Courtland Gray - February 14, 2014

    Please tell me how masters benefit from Armory charity. Anyone?

    Ken, I am not so sure masters should be questioning how they benefit from Milrose charity. This meet has been the premier U.S. indoor track meet since the turn of the century (I mean 1900). Masters events are an after thought,run in the early afternoon, before anyone shows up to sit in the high price seats. At least the high school events sell some tickets to parents who can likely sit anywhere they want during their events. The number of events and quality of participants has fallen off drastically over the years. I mean the open events, not masters. I am surprised Millrose can get those high prices, unless they are corporate patron seats that will be empty at the event, like so many of the U.S. Open tennis matches box seats.

    At my age, I prefer to recall the sold out MSG with 15,000 fans, no open ticket windows because it was sold out in December, 100 or so officials wearing tuxcedos, the fabulous organ player, the spot lights and introductions, and deep world-class fields in every event. No more, unfortunately.

  3. Courtland Gray - February 14, 2014

    On a good note, the $180 tickets include a 3 hour open bar, so considering NYC drink prices it might not be such a bad deal. No info on the bar hours.

  4. Rob Lemke - February 15, 2014

    A benefit to those Masters running today is we get to stay for the rest of the meet in the best seats in the house (no open bar though).

  5. Terry Parks - February 15, 2014

    Let’s get real, this is 2014 and it is time to treat our sport like it is worth something. If you want to see a quality meet, it should cost some money. I read the article and I agree that it is good to see people valuing track and field.

    “…What The Armory has ultimately done is set the Millrose Games ticket prices at what they think is a fair rate and then let the fans speak with their wallets and establish the market. Fans have made their decision: They will pay a premium to watch a world class meet. ..’We live in American where sports business is a business,’ Sander said. ‘Very few successful sports let everyone in at the door for free. I’ve never heard of a thing. It just doesn’t work’…”

    I think it is great that masters were included in a world class meet and that is a positive thing for masters because when I look at the results page there we are along with the elites!

    It is time to stop thinking about the past and embrace change. I want quality meets and production. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

  6. al cestero - February 15, 2014

    courtland, you are right on about the “hey days ” of the sold out 15,000+ at the greatest arena in the world, and the dimming of the lights to play the national anthem and run the wannamaker mile.. as a high school athlete i was in the stands a few times with wide eyes…just as i was in the stands at franklin field for the “dream mile” at the martin luther king games…hopefully our beloved sport will make a come back to mirror the packed all comer meets where olympians would stand beside and run against all comers…god bless

  7. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - February 16, 2014

    I totally agree with Courtland as well.

    Ken, your question is so incredibly masters-centric. We get a number (not just one or two) masters events at one of the biggest indoor meets of the year. There are meets during the course of the season at the Armory that include other masters events.

    We need to recognize that the rest of the track and field world isn’t going to give us handouts because it is focused on maintaining the World Championships (by which I mean the IAAF World Championships) and the Olympic teams as the “world’s greatest.” Investing in youth and those just below the elite level contributes to that goal. Supporting masters doesn’t.

    Ken, you’ve been around long enough to remember when our annual budget was about $25k from USATF. It’s much more than that now and there are dollars in what we do get that don’t get spent, year after year. Because of the way Carroll DeWeese, MTF Treasurer, manages our funds we have been building a very nice reserve as well that rolls over from year to year.

    Please, let’s appreciate the fact that the only major indoor meet left in NYC (I remember the days of there being 4-5 per year each filling or nearly filling Madison Square Garden) has masters events where the cream of the crop gets to compete, just as they do at the HS and college level.

  8. David Neumann - February 16, 2014

    I feel very fortunate and am thankful that Millrose allows multiple Masters relay events. Next to the Penn Relays, there is no better relay competition. Plus as mentioned, we get to watch the rest of the meet. I shook hands with Marcus O’Sullivan and Leonel Manzano. Saw Alan Webb in the lobby and Eammon Coghlan on the stairway. And got to run on an awesome track.
    Thank you Millrose Games.

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