50-foot weight throw looms for Myrle Mensey after 3-record day

She put the 6.6-pound shot 9.20 meters (30-2 1/4). She spun the 12-pound weight 15.23 meters (49-11 3/4). And she heaved the 20-pound superweight 10.22 meters (33-6 1/2). So say posted results for newbie W65 Myrle Mensey at the USATF Illinois Indoor Open and Masters Championships on Feb. 15 at the Westwood Sports Complex in Sterling, Illinois. How good are these marks? WMA doesn’t keep records for the superweight, but all her marks exceed the listed American indoor W65 records — shot of 9.17 (30-1) by Mary Roman in 2001, weight of 13.72 (45-0) by Carol Young in 2008 and superweight 8.10 (26-7) by Carol in 2008. But she demolished the listed weight throw WR of 14.72 (48-3 1/2) by Germany’s Gudrun Mellman in 2007. The listed W65 shot WR is still outtasight at 12.00 (39-4 1/2) by Russia’s Tamara Danilova in 2006. Throwing for the Soviet Union, Tamara took fourth in the discus at the 1972 Munich Games. Myrle ended 2013 as USATF Masters Female Athlete of the Year after setting a bunch of W60 records. Wait till she gets rolling in 2014.

Myrle displays her implements and record paperwork after amazing Ides of February.

Myrle displays her implements, record forms after Ides of February meet.

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February 21, 2014

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  1. al cestero - February 21, 2014

    awsome…she looks like she’s half her age.. i had to do a doubletake..!

  2. Bev Mister - February 23, 2014

    Look at you girl! I am so proud of you. Thanks for keeping me informed.

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