The Empire strikes back: WRs for Elms in 8 and 15, Dunson in pent

Clare is captured by Tom Phillips at Lee Valley meet.

Clare is captured by Tom Phillips at the Feb. 23 Lee Valley meet.

Tired of seeing the Yanks set the pace, 50-year-old Brits Clare Elms and Greg Dunson set indoor world records of their own over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Competing at the South of England/Eastern Vets Championships, Clare ran the 800 in 2:21.09 to crush the listed W50 WR of 2:24.49 by Spain’s Aurora Perez in 2009. Greg scored 4231 points to nip the listed M50 WR of 4207 by Jean Luc Duez of France in 2013. Results are here. Steve Smythe of Athletics Weekly writes of Clare: “Elms had won a 5-mile cross-country day before and was first track race of season so surprised to take three seconds off world record but had to run that fast to win race against younger vets Denise Morley and Bernadette Pritchett.” Clare’s splits were 34.0, 35.5, 36.5, 35.1. On Feb. 23, Clare came back for the 1500 meters, clocking 4:46.12 to pip the listed W50 WR of 4:47.14 by Aurora in 2008. Five years ago, Clare had a similar rampage.

Tom Phillips, my world-class sprinter-shooter friend, got pictures of the women Feb. 23:

Here are his photos of the men at the same meet — Masters Inter Area Match Indoors, Lee Valley:

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February 26, 2014

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  1. Tom Phillips - February 26, 2014

    That’s Greg in the hurdles shots early in my photo gallery. Of the men’s events. Lee Valley is a terrible place to s shoot, because the management reckon half of the infield lights interfere with the electronic timing equipment. Short sprinters and hurdllers therefore race in semi-darkness!

    Greg also came very, very close to an M50 WR in the 60 hurdles on Feb 16.

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