New Zealand holds 40th masters outdoor nationals this weekend

Mac has a full plate at Kiwi outdoor masters nationals.

Kudos to the Kiwis! This weekend, they stage their 40th masters outdoor nationals. (Ours were about seven years ago.) But a poll in a New Zealand newspaper, which profiled an M85 entrant, missed the point. It asked: “When you are 86 do you hope to ….” And the options were “Have good health, Be surrounded by good friends and family, Inspired by Mac Mackay and be at the masters, and Happy to kick back and enjoy life.” Why not a combination of all four? In any case, check out this profile of Mac Mackay. “The Invercargill athlete is the oldest Southlander at the New Zealand Masters Track and Field Championships, which start today and finish on Monday, at Surrey Park in Invercargill,” says the article. “His events are triple jump, high jump, long jump, 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m.”
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February 28, 2014

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  1. Mary Harada - February 28, 2014

    I am not familiar with the Kiwi men masters but I see several familiar names among the older women. It is always good to see that they are still competing.
    When I look through the list of entries for the WMA indoor meet in Budapest I also see a number of familiar names among the 75+ women from Europe as well. It cheers me greatly to see that they are going to be there. Since we cannot compete in the European masters meets – outside of the WMA- the WMA indoor and outdoor meets are just about the only opportunity I have to see them “in action”. I wish I were going to be in Budapest but it is not to be – life has a way of interfering with plans sometime.
    I hope to see them in Lyon in the summer of 2015. Cheers to the German and Swiss women in the W 75, W80, and W 85 age groups.

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