Aussie Lavinia Petrie breaks own W70 world records in 5K, 10K

National radio show aired interview with Lavinia.

Back to Tasmania. Aussie masters nationals ended Sunday, and here’s the scoop. The Athlete of the Meet appears to have been W70 distance phenom Lavinia Petrie. News outlets are reporting that she lowered her own world records for 5K and 10K on consecutive days. One site said she shaved 45 seconds off her own 10K record, set in January, with a time of 44:43.27. “Petrie then
backed up her performance in the women’s 70-74 age group 5,000 by breaking her own world record with a time of 21:34.08.” Lavinia said: “As I was running around in the 10K, I was watching the clock and I thought that I didn’t have it. Then all of a sudden it was there, so I thought that I must have subconsciously picked up…. I’ve been running since I was 16 and I haven’t had any major injuries or operations. I had a full body bone scan and they told me that I had the bones of an 18-year-old.” Ah, that’s the ticket! She’s Olga Kotelko’s long lost sister!
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March 13, 2014

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