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That’s me in front of me (hurdling at age 15).

I haven’t landed a full-time job yet, but I’m back in the news saddle again. Seven months after being laid off at Patch, I’m now contributing editor to a brand-new website covering San Diego County. It’s called Times of San Diego. Check it out. The founder, editor and publisher is my former boss at Patch as well as — Chris Jennewein. He’s the digital pioneer and journalism visionary who made SignOn a profitable unit of The San Diego Union-Tribune. He knows his stuff. We’re starting small but hoping to grow big, via the efforts of four contributing editors and a photographer (my wife, Chris). Patch refugees have been launching hyperlocal and regional news sites at a steady clip since AOL gave up in January. But the hunger for local news is unabated. Glad I can help serve up the chow in San Diego County!

Here’s a note Chris Jennewein sent out as a formal announcement:

Dear Colleague,

I’m writing to my colleagues in the greater San Diego media relations community to introduce Times of San Diego, an independent regional news site for greater San Diego.

Times of San Diego is the creation of experienced media professionals. We promise a complete summary of the essential local news, 365 days a year.

We’re leveraging the Internet ecosystem to find and report local news for readers in the sprawling San Diego region. Our content comes from a variety of sources: contributing editors, social media, local wire services and, most significantly, the San Diego media relations community.

We welcome well-written press releases and will often be able to post them in full. Please send to, an email address that is actively monitored by our editors on duty daily.

Times of San Diego is also an excellent venue for well-reasoned opinion columns. Please send your organization’s or clients’ columns to for consideration.

Times of San Diego is optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones using the latest responsive technology. Readers can sign up for an email newsletter delivered at 8 a.m. daily, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for your support of Times of San Diego, and please let me know what you think.

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March 13, 2014

11 Responses

  1. Mary Harada - March 13, 2014

    glad to hear that you have a part-time gig – much better than a no time gig. Good luck with the latest project -I have no clue what “leveraging the Internet ecosystem means” but it sounds good!

  2. Doug Thompson - March 13, 2014

    Ken, Hang in there. You deserve good things!

  3. Ken Stone - March 13, 2014

    Here’s an interview with my boss, whom I call CJ:

  4. linda - March 13, 2014

    Ken, I think this is just what San Diego county needs. David and I wish you the best in this new venture. Your reporting skills should be appreciated. Good luck!

  5. BEVERLY - March 13, 2014

    So very happy they found . THEY KNOW GOOD MATERIAL WHEN THEY SEE IT (THATS YOU )

  6. Kay Glynn - March 13, 2014

    Sounds great! Glad you shared the news!

  7. Liz Palmer - March 14, 2014

    Best of luck in your new venture!

  8. Rob Jerome - March 14, 2014

    Great looking site. The hunger for local news has never been greater (since we are all saturated with local and international coverage). As the electronic methods for local news delivery systems shake out, consider yourself a pioneer, Ken!

  9. Jeanne Bowman - March 14, 2014

    Congratulations! Great news!

  10. Roger Pierce - March 17, 2014

    Go get’em Ken. Glad to hear you have a “real Job”.

  11. Ken Stone - March 19, 2014

    Check out video I shot (and edited) of Chris Jennewein introducing Times of San Diego:

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